Every fourth German butter brand ‘impure’

Every fourth German butter product is “impure,” according to test results released by consumer advocacy group Stiftung Warentest on Thursday.

Every fourth German butter brand 'impure'
Photo: DPA

Eight of the 35 different butter brands, including four organic brands, were found to be deficient. Five butter brands had an excess of coliform bacteria, which is not necessarily a health risk, but indicates degraded sanitary quality. Another three butters were deficient in the proper lactic acid bacterias required for proper production.

Butter from brand Molkerei Schrozberg and discount chain stores Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, Greenfields, Rewe and Plus were among the test’s worst performers.

None of the German butters tested earned the top “optimal” rating, but 20 received the “good” distinction.

The top performers included Berchtesgadener Land, Sachsenmilch, Liebhaber, Alnatura, and Söbbeke. Price did not have an effect on the quality of the butter brands, Stiftung Warentest reported. Some of the most affordable butters were among the best in quality.

Among 35 brands included in the test were unsalted, sweet cream, and sour cream butter. Eleven products were organic, and one was lactose free.