Survey sees more porn changing German sex

Germans are watching more pornography than ever before – a development that is dramatically altering the country’s attitudes towards sex, according to a new survey.

Survey sees more porn changing German sex
Germans love 'erotic trade fairs' too. Photo: DPA

A third of men between 14 and 70 said they looked at porn on a daily basis. Some eight percent of women watch porn daily.

Sexologist Jakob Pastötter presented the survey’s findings on Wednesday evening in Berlin after asking nearly 56,000 people via the internet about their bedroom habits for German broadcaster ProSieben.

“Pornography is no longer a fringe phenomenon,” Pastötter said as he presented the results of the survey on Wednesday night in Berlin.

He said the increasing consumption of pornography in Germany was having an immense impact on people’s attitudes toward sexuality. More Germans are having plastic surgery on their genitals and many feel pressured in bed to have porn style sex.

At least half of all 14-year-olds surveyed have watched pornography and many young German girls believed their boyfriends wanted them to act like a porn star in bed. Still, Pastötter said the media often portrayed a distorted view of sexuality in Germany.

“Normally it’s all about freaks going to swinger clubs,” he said. But the survey showed only five percent of Germans actually had experience in swapping their sexual partners.