Merkel attacks English word invasion

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday complained about the high number of English words that have been incorporated into the German language during a visit the Goethe Institute in Munich.

Merkel attacks English word invasion
Merkel at the Goethe Institute in Munich. =Photo: DPA

“The language of Goethe is an attractive language,” Merkel told the central office of Germany’s culture and language outreach institute. But the German language must be protected in order to continue as a “self-confident language,” she said, otherwise it will become increasingly nonsensical and students of German in other countries could think their courses are “half-English.”

Merkel emphasized the importance of cultural outreach in a time of globalization, which makes the work of the Goethe Institute more important than ever, she said. It is an international “symbol of cultural exchange” for Germany, with an essential task of “breaking down barriers between countries,” she added.