More than half of pregnant German women drink alcohol

More than half of German women occasionally drink alcohol during their pregnancies, and more than 10,000 babies are born with alcohol-related birth defects each year, according to Drug Commissioner Sabine Bätzing on Monday.

More than half of pregnant German women drink alcohol
Dont' do it, ladies. Photo: DPA

Of these 10,000 babies, some 4,000 suffer from full-blown Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can cause severe mental, physical and psychological problems.

“There is no certain limit for safe alcohol consumption during pregnancy,” Bätzing said on Monday, in anticipation of an international awareness day for alcohol-damaged children on Tuesday.

A study by Berlin’s Charité Clinic found that 58 percent of German women polled enjoyed an occasional alcoholic beverage during their pregnancies, Bätzing said, adding that the country needs to raise awareness of how even small amounts of alcohol can damage a fetus.

“Middle-class women suffer the most from these misapprehensions,” Bätzing said.