Drugged up Danes kill one in naked Frankfurt driving rampage

A naked 28-year-old Dane high on drugs and his twin brother led police on a wild high-speed chase through Frankfurt on Tuesday after killing a cyclist and injuring several others.

The man ran over a 27-year-old woman on a bike on Tuesday morning while driving a delivery van around the city. She smashed into the windshield and died of severe head injuries at the hospital shortly thereafter. While attempting to flee the scene, the Dane then rammed an oncoming police car before slightly injuring the driver of a garbage truck.

The police eventually managed to trap the vehicle with three cars after giving chase for several kilometres. Both men were extremely aggressive during the arrest and three police officers were injured. A police spokesman said the driver was completely naked and his twin was only scantily clad. Neither was “master of his senses” and both were under the influence of drugs.

Police did not mention what substances the men had taken, but the driver’s condition was so bad he could possibly be admitted to a mental institution.