Millions of unmarried Germans living in sin

The number of cohabitating Germans has risen significantly according to a study released by the National Statistical Office (Destatis) on Monday.

Millions of unmarried Germans living in sin
Ugh, Germans and their cohabitation! For shame. Photo: DPA

There are some 2.4 million unmarried couples living together, the Destatis office in Wiesbaden reported. The figure has risen a dramatic 34 percent since 1996.

These unmarried couples are predictably younger than Germans who are married, averaging 37.7-years-old for women and 40.3-years-old for men. Stodgy old married couples average 52.1-years-old for women and 54.9-years-old.

The majority of cohabitating couples are childless, though a substantial 28 percent were raising young children together. Four percent of unmarried couples had children who were already grown.

Whether they have children or not, both men and women who cohabitate work, but those with children tend to fall into traditional gender roles – men working full time, and women part time.