Germany to see partial solar eclipse

A partial solar eclipse will cast its shadow over Germany on Friday morning, but stormy weather over parts of the country could spoil the fun for hobby astronomers.

Germany to see partial solar eclipse
Photo: DPA

The eclipse, when the moon will obscure a section of the sun, will start around 10:45 am and will end at approximately 12:20 pm, according to the German astronomy group Vereinigung der Sternfreunde.

The maximum darkness will occur around 11:30 am, when a third of the sun will be covered over the northern German island Sylt. In southern Germany, only around ten percent of the sun will be disappear behind the moon.

Unfortunately, stormy weather is expected to sweep across much of Germany on Friday, raising the likelihood that clouds will obscure the astronomical spectacle. But those without special glasses or living where its cloudy can still visit the internet website of US space agency NASA ( to watch the event.

While Germany will only see a partial eclipse, the Arctic region will experience total darkness. The last time Germany and central Europe saw a total solar eclipse was during the summer of 1999. German astronomy buffs will have to wait until September 2, 2081 for the next total eclipse and January 4, 2011 for the next partial eclipse.