Berlin’s public transport most-vandalized in Germany

Berlin's public transport most-vandalized in Germany
Photo: DPA
Vandalism on public transportation is the worst in Germany's capital Berlin, according to estimates by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV).

Scratched glass and tagging in the city’s streetcars and subway trains are the “biggest problems,” according to VDV expert Hartmut Reinberg-Schüller on Thursday.

Berlin’s two main public transport companies, BVG and S-Bahn, spent some €14.5 million on graffiti clean up and damages from vandalism – and increase of 13 percent. BVG spent €9.9 million alone on cleaning up buses, streetcars and subways last year.

Reinberg-Schüller said that there is north-south pattern when it comes to vandalism in Germany. Northern Germany and the Ruhr Valley, after Berlin, are “relatively often vandalized by mostly young people,” he said. Meanwhile vandalism to trains in southern Germany is seldom in comparison, he said.

His comments will come as no surprise to Berliners, who are accustomed to a colorful urban art landscape. The city was cited in the New York Times this March as “arguably” Europe’s most graffiti-covered city.