German kicked off flight for lame Kalashnikov joke

A German couple going on vacation had to change their travel plans on Sunday after the husband joked to security personnel that the metal objects showing up on airport security x-ray machines were parts of a rifle.

German kicked off flight for lame Kalashnikov joke
Joking about guns in airport security, great idea, Hans. Photo: DPA

The couple were going through security checks at the airport in the northeastern city of Rostock on their way to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca when two cylindrical metal objects in their luggage prompted questions from personnel.

The 57-year-old husband decided to show off his sparkling wit by loudly answering that the metal pieces were parts of his Kalashnikov.

When police opened the bag, they found the rods from two umbrellas instead of an assault rifle, but the plane’s pilot still refused to allow the couple on board.

The German jokester could be hit with a charge of falsely reporting a crime.