Lufthansa workers strike in Frankurt and Düsseldorf

Lufthansa workers strike in Frankurt and Düsseldorf
Photo: DPA
After more unsuccessful wage talks, some 250 Lufthansa workers staged a strike at the Düsseldorf and Frankfurt airport on Monday.

Between 4 am and 8 am, striking ground personnel for service, baggage and check-in caused 10 flight cancellations and about 30 delays, a Lufthansa spokesperson said, adding that schedules are expected to normalize later in the day.

Worker’s union Verdi said that 200 to 300 technical workers will stage another warning strike in Frankfurt around noon on Monday, causing long-haul flight cancellations.

After an unsuccessful second round of wage negotiations last week, workers staged a limited strike at the Hamburg airport. Verdi is demanding a 9.8 percent increase in wages for airline workers, but Lufthansa has offered a two-step increase of 3.4 percent followed by 2.1 percent to take place over 19 months.

Both sides will make another attempt to reach an agreement on July 1.