Turkish-Germans celebrate Turkey’s quarterfinals entry

Turkish-Germans celebrate Turkey's quarterfinals entry
Fans in Frankfurt on Sunday night. Photo: DPA
Thousands of Turkish football fans across Germany celebrated their team’s entry into the Euro 2008 quarterfinals after a thrilling 3-2 victory over the Czech Republic on Sunday evening.

More than 25,000 fans swarmed Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm shopping district, according to police on Monday. The celebrations were peaceful with just a handful of arrests, the police said.

In Munich, some 7,000 Turkish-German fans staged an impromptu celebration on Leopoldstrasse that was “loud and frenetic,” according to police. Some arrests were made due to “pyrotechnic items,” but fans stayed out of trouble otherwise.

There were traffic jams in Hannover as more than 4,000 fans gathered in the Steintorplatz and surrounding streets.

Just after the final whistle blew, hundreds of Turkey fans in Freiburg gathered in the downtown area, cruising the streets in their cars. Around midnight an altercation between fans sent a 26-year-old Turkish-German to the hospital with a stab wound. Another 33-year-old fan suffered slight injuries from a police dog bite.

Cities in the Ruhr basin also reported substantial public celebrations that led to traffic jams.

In Mainz celebrations were a bit less peaceful. Honking caravans cruised until well after midnight and fans harried police until reinforcements calmed the area.

Germany is home to some three million residents with Turkish background.