German judge pooh-poohs ‘sex piggy’ pee plea

German judge pooh-poohs 'sex piggy' pee plea
Photo: DPA
A 25-year-old went on trial for indecent exposure in Cologne on Wednesday for dropping his pants and masturbating in front of three teenage girls last October, Cologne tabloid Express reported.

The paper said that during the trial it was difficult to tell that “behind his well-dressed facade a sex piggy was hiding.”

The businessman’s excuse for “ambushing” the girls as they came out of a disco near the Cologne-Wahn train station: “I just wanted to pee.”

Express reported that the excuse didn’t keep the judge applying the law with a firm hand.

“The girls would certainly be able to tell the difference between you masturbating about or just wanting to have a wee,” he told the man.

Because the man had been caught committing a similar act in the past, he eventually admitted his guilt and his lawyer Claudia Hauck suggested he needed help not punishment. “My client regrets the event and is ready to undergo therapy,” she said.

But the late admission of regret did not satisfy the judge, Express reported. The trial was adjourned, and a verdict is expected in July.