Baden-Württemberg storm flooding kills 3

Baden-Württemberg storm flooding kills 3
A rescue worker in Hechingen early on Tuesday. Photo: DPA
At least three people are dead and several injured after severe weather overnight in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, police said on Tuesday morning.

The town of Hechingen in the Zollernalbkreis district was hit hardest, with at least 10 residents hospitalized for injuries, district administrator Matthias Frankenberg told broadcaster ZDF.

Waterways in Killertal also have “immense damage,” the state’s interior minister Heribert Rech said.

Police in Balingen reported that a woman in Jungingen drowned in her car when it was suddenly overcome with water. Her passenger was at first reported missing, but officials found her body on Tuesday morning.

Another woman drowned in her cellar when it flooded unexpectedly.

In Upper Swabia a semi-truck driver was severely injured after hitting a fallen tree.

Many houses have been damaged by the storm flooding, said Zollernalbkreis regional administrator Günther-Martin Paul. Officials have yet to estimate how many residents will be able to return to their homes.

Streets remain closed after sections washed away in the floods. More than one hundred rescue vehicles and 550 fire department workers are in the area for clean up.