Negotiations to end German milk strike sour

Negotiations to end German milk strike sour
Photo: DPA
Negotiations late Sunday failed to bring an end to the the ongoing strike by German dairy farmers for higher milk prices.

The BDM dairy association, leading the milk delivery strikes to encourage higher milk prices for farmers, now plans to meet with retail leaders, BDM head Romuald Schaber, German told broadcaster Bayrischen Rundfunk on Monday.

The talks will center on the renegotiation of April contracts that have not been honoured, Schaber said.

BDM members began their open-ended strike last Tuesday and are demanding an increase in milk prices to 43 cents per liter, after seeing prices fall to between 28 and 34 cents.

“The 43 cents are an absolute must,” Schaber told the station. “Competition will occur above this mark, but not below.”

Over the weekend experts predicted that Germans would begin hoarding milk as the strike wears on and milk becomes scarce.

There is no end in sight to the strike, which has some 30,000 German dairy farmers halting deliveries. Meanwhile farmers across Europe are showing solidarity and beginning strikes of their own.

Milk that goes undelivered during the strike will be fed to the farmer’s calves or poured down the drain.