Oktoberfest ‘maß’ cost climbs over €8

Oktoberfest 'maß' cost climbs over €8
Photo: DPA
The price of an iconic one-litre maß of beer at Munich's Oktoberfest will climb over €8 ($12.37) for the first time this autumn, the city announced on Friday.

Visitors to the largest folk festival in the world will pay between €7.80 and €8.30 for a litre of beer, organizers announced, a 5 percent increase on last year.

“It has definitely reached a range where consumers will need to think about how to keep things in proportion,” tourism chief Gabriele Weishäupl said, punning in German on the word ‘maß,’ which can mean a litre or a proportion.

In recent months, grain prices have been spiralling upward as supply is squeezed by a growing market for biofuels to help combat climate change, strong demand for food in developing countries and extreme weather that has affected crops.

About six million guests are expected at this year’s Oktoberfest from Sept. 20 to Oct. 5 in Munich.