‘Marco’ to treat Germany to sunny holiday weekend

‘Marco’ to treat Germany to sunny holiday weekend
Photo: DPA
The strong high-pressure system “Marco” will treat Germany to picture-perfect sunny weather over the 3-day holiday weekend, according to the German weather service.

Coming after a week of near summer temperatures, much of Germany can look forward to as much at 13 to 15 hours of sunshine and not a drop of rain in the coming days, the DWD reported.

“There are signs that the high pressure influence will more or less stick around even beyond Pentecost,” said DWD meteorologist Jens Hoffmann.

With Pfingstmontag, or Whit Monday, a national holiday, Germans eagerly heading into an extended weekend can happily plan a break to the seaside or even just a picnic in the park in flip-flops and sunglasses.

Friday will start the day throughout much of Germany with strong rays of sunshine after some scattered fog is quickly burned off. In the west, high thin clouds won’t ruin the friendly weather and neither will the fluffy cumulous clumps of cloud in the far eastern parts of the country. Temperatures will range from 22 to 27 degrees Celsius, while the coast and the mountains remain a bit cooler.

Friday night will dip to seven to 12 degrees with clear star-filled skies. On Saturday, temperatures will reach 21 to 26 degrees with lots of sunshine. The Lower Rhine region could even hit a balmy 28 degrees Celsius. Only the Alps in the deep south might see some thunderstorms. However, much of southern Germany could occasionally experience a gusty east wind.

The lovely forecast continues into Whit Sunday, when sunny and calm weather will reach from Kiel to Konstanz. Only the eastern and western reaches of Germany will have to contend with a few harmless clouds, and the south along the Alps could see scattered showers. Temperatures will stay put in the high 20s.