German pigs cause a stink in England

German pigs cause a stink in England
Photo: DPA
The South East of England has been hit by a bad smell this Saturday that the British are calling "The Great Stink" as the result of German pigs and a strong easterly wind.

The spring breeze across Europe has been tarnished by a new stench being hailed as the “stinkbomb” from Germany, British papers reported on Saturday.

Meteorologists have ensured the British public that the stink is harmless and merely a mixture of animal dung and factory fumes that have floated across the English Channel on the eastern winds.

“It’s hard to say exactly what the smell is that is coming over from Europe,” said experts. “All we can do now is wait!”

Weather specialists have compared the stinky clouds to the sands of the Sahara desert, that often blow over to the island during the summer.

The British press are having a field day reporting the stench, with daily tabloid paper The Sun saying “German hogs pong for Europe.”

No Southern English town is safe from the reeking country air this weekend. Even in Royal Windsor, where the Queen has a residence, people are holding their noses.

“I hope she has her windows closed,” a spokesman from the Windsor Tourist Office told The Guardian newspaper.