German weather getting hotter

German weather getting hotter
Photo: DPA
Given the chilly, soggy weather that continues to plague Germany this spring, Tuesday’s announcement from German weather service DWD seems too good to be true: heat waves will become a regular occurrence.

By 2050, the country’s average yearly temperature will increase from between 0.5 and 2 degrees Celsius, DWD announced on Tuesday at their second annual climate press conference in Berlin.

By 2100, DWD predicts that the German climate will have warmed by up to 4 degrees Celsius. That forecast means that the number of what Germans call “summer temperature” days (up to 25 degrees Celsius), and “hot” days (above 30 degrees Celsius) could double in parts of the country by 2100.

The DWD analysis included the obvious prediction that the warmer weather will decrease energy used for heating, but an increase in energy used for air conditioning.

The service said it plans to increase the number of heat warning systems in buildings to prevent heatstroke to residents.