Bavarian smoking ban called a healthy success

Health officials in the German state of Bavaria expect the smoking ban there to prevent 1,000 heart attacks, Health Minister Otmar Bernhard announced Thursday.

Bavarian smoking ban called a healthy success

Speaking 100 days after the ban went into effect in bars and restaurants, Bernhard told Antenne Bayern radio he is astonished at how quickly the health of the population had improved.

The law cleared about 250,000 buildings of smoke, he said.

Bernhard said he isn’t aware of any pubs closing due to the law, which has been widely protested across Germany by owners of so-called “Eck-Kneipen,” or corner pubs. But he admitted to some difficulties enforcing the law.

“Of course with a law that has such a broad impact, there’s always one problem or the another – it’s always like this,” he said.