German moped thief narrowly escapes hairdresser

A thief in the Germany city Wolfsburg only narrowly escaped a middle-aged hairdresser after choosing a slow moped as his getaway.

The 48-year-old hairdresser chased the man after spotting him cleaning out the salon’s register and was briefly able to keep him driving off with his loot on his underpowered moped. Unfortunately, the thief manage to break free from her grasp long enough to sputter away on his ride.

According to a spokesman for the police in Wolfsburg, the salon thief then drove off at the dizzying speed of 25 kilometres an hour. “It was 25 tops,” said the spokesman. The brave hairstylist managed to note down the licence plate of his slow getaway vehicle, but unfortunately the thief had stolen the moped too. He nabbed €100 from the register.