Liechtenstein PM seeks deal over tax row

Liechtenstein Prime Minister Otmar Hasler has vowed to work toward a "reasonable compromise" with European nations seeking more tax transparency, amid a fraud row that has spread from Germany to more than 10 countries.

“With respect to the current tax policy questions that are broadly and controversially debated in Europe, we want to play our part in finding a reasonable agreement,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

“Our aim is to achieve a successful conclusion of the comprehensive tax fraud agreement that is currently under negotiation,” he said.

“These negotiations are already well advanced. This anti-fraud agreement will apply both to Liechtenstein and to the EU and all its member states.”

Germany two weeks ago launched a probe of rich citizens suspected of stashing billions of euros in secret trusts in Liechtenstein to evade tax and has shared information with other nations.

Investigators in the United States, Britain, Australia, Italy, France, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, Greece and Spain are among other countries now hunting for taxpayers hiding their money in Liechtenstein.