Swede raped in front of 5,000

A 37-year-old American light technician, John Y., could face up to 15 years in prison for raping a young Swedish woman at the Full Moon Festival in Brandenburg last July. Carolina A, a 21-year-old paralegal from Sweden, claimed she was raped under the stage while a band played.

“I was raped, and 5,000 people were there,” Carolina told a Brandenburg regional court. She said that John accosted her on her way to the toilet. According to Carolina, John Y. pulled her under the stage.

“He screamed ‘I will kill you if you don’t go along.’ He hit me in the face. I was afraid of dying,” Carolina said in court. She said that the music was playing above them, so nobody could hear their screams. After an hour, she said that her assailant left her lying in the mud.

The accused American told the judge, “That is not true. Everything that happened under the stage was voluntary.” He said that they had kissed before retreating under the bridge, and that he believed Carolina was under the influence of drugs and that he didn’t even get an erection.

“She wanted to sleep with me. When I couldn’t, she freaked out and bit my finger. I hit her out of fear,” John told the judge.

Observers said that Carolina gave an astonished “no” when the judge asked if this story was true.

The trial will continue in February.