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Figures released on Tuesday show that the number of so-called 'minijobs' in Germany has sunk in the first three months of the year, with some linking the decline to the €8.50 per hour minimum wage that came into effect in January.
What do you do when you have had a successful and challenging career but events in your private life mean that you can no longer commit to a full-time job? Job sharing provides one interesting option.
A study by the German Economic Institute in Cologne shows that ever more Germans are working past the age of 65. And it seems that the wealthier one is the more likely this is to be true.
A study commissioned by ING-Diba claims that 59 percent of Germany's work force could be replaced by machines and software in the coming decades. The impact on German society is set to be radical.
A survey published on Monday shows that the car industry is the most attractive place of work for German business graduates and engineers alike.
A German company is developing a way of making work environments a little more pleasant – and productive – by infusing them with nice smells.