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While working from home has long been trumpeted as a stress-free alternative to siting in an office all day long, the trend has stubbornly failed to take on in Germany.
Engineers are in high demand in Germany, with some predicting the country will continue to have an engineering shortfall well into the future. The Local asked a career adviser how foreign job-seekers can get ahead in the race to snag a position.
More and more companies across Germany are taking part in so called "Firmenläufe" - company runs – as a way to bring colleagues together and give everyone a chance to show the boss who's boss.
Berlin politicians are considering plans to keep kindergartens open for 24 hours in Berlin to help parents with unusual work hours.
There is widespread agreement that “burn-out” is a major issue affecting Germans in the workplace. A new research project is looking into how workers can be better protected from its effects.
Figures released on Tuesday show that the number of so-called 'minijobs' in Germany has sunk in the first three months of the year, with some linking the decline to the €8.50 per hour minimum wage that came into effect in January.