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Disabled man barred from loo over safety fears

The Local · 13 Nov 2012, 13:48

Published: 13 Nov 2012 13:48 GMT+01:00

Julien Brauers, 25, told Bild newspaper that a guard with security firm ISS, who was stationed at a lift near the main entrance, went so far as to remark that "disabled persons pose a safety risk."

"I had always been allowed to use the handicap-accessible toilets there," said Brauers, who has been severely disabled since birth.

The town hall was swamped with people attending an official reception on Sunday, and Brauers's friend wheeled him from door to door but was repeatedly barred from entering the building.

Stephan Pieper, general manager of ISS security, defended his staff. "Our employees were instructed not to make any exceptions - however, they did point out the public toilets nearby," he told Bild.

Ultimately, Brauers had to be taken to a much smaller normal toilet by two friends.

Dino Conti-Mica, security liaison for the city's Karneval committee, said the organisation was looking into the situation and trying to contact those responsible. "I am very embarrassed by the incident," he said.

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Düsseldorf Mayor Dirk Elbers told Bild that he was not aware of the incident. "I can stress, however, that what happened is by no means in line with my intentions," he said.

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Your comments about this article

15:29 November 13, 2012 by raandy
A public facility that is not handicap accessible?? There is a lot Germany can and should do for the handicap. That was inexcusable.
19:26 November 13, 2012 by lordkorner
Karneval itself should be banned as I believe it poses a safety risk. Whenever I come across this nonsense on the TV my blood pressure goes through the roof.
19:31 November 13, 2012 by ChrisRea
So the guy had no business at the town hall but wanted to use their toilets? Why did he not go to a handicap-accessible public toilet? Is there none in the respective zone?
20:06 November 13, 2012 by raandy
Chris Rea

"I had always been allowed to use the handicap-accessible toilets there," said Brauers, who has been severely disabled since birth.
04:18 November 14, 2012 by ChrisRea
Oh, so you suggest that he regularly went to the town hall only to use their free toilets? And then got pissed off (sorry, I could not help it) when temporarily, due to security reasons, only people that actually had to do with the town hall were allowed into the building?
09:41 November 14, 2012 by raandy
I assume your remark is directed at me,

No I am merely showing you that the article stated he regularly used the handicapped toilet at the facility, it is a quote from the article.,You did read the article???
10:43 November 14, 2012 by ChrisRea
Yes, raandy, I read the article, and I did not find any connection between my questions and your post #4 (other than the mentioned suggestion). You did read my posts, right? :)
14:43 November 14, 2012 by raandy

your post #3


"Why did he not go to a handicap-accessible public toilet? Is there none in the respective zone?"

my answer was." I had always been allowed to use the handicap-accessible toilets there,"( there was the Town Hall, where he was.

conclusion , there was a handicapped toilet where he was at, and he had used it numerous times before, but now was being denied for some safety reasons

I was merely trying to tell you that there was a handicap toilet in the Town Hall.

Hopefully this clears it up, no ager intended :-).
16:57 November 14, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ raandy

Am I wrong to assume that the toilets in a town hall are to be used by people that are there with various businesses? That's why I also assumed that the guy used those toilets when he was there solving whatever issue. And the sentence you highlighted shows only that the town hall has toilets that are appropriate for the needs of handicapped (as they were already tried by the guy).

Obviously, the guy was neither invited to the celebration nor had some other serious business to the town hall (otherwise he would have use his invitation to enter the building). So then why did he demand to use the toilet of a public institution where he had no business instead of using a public toilet? The fact that he already experienced the mentioned WC is no argument in my opinion. Last time when I delivered a package to your company I used the toilet there - does this mean that I am entitled to use it again when I am in the neighbourhood? Even if it is only the security guy there, because the whole company is on a teambuilding trip?
13:48 November 15, 2012 by raandy
Chris, when you gotta go you gotta go,
17:17 November 15, 2012 by ChrisRea
True, in case of some people (might also come with age). I guess that's why pocket urinals were invented.
20:07 November 15, 2012 by raandy
Ya that is true with older people, an older person told me " getting old isn't for sissy's " but we can't change the inevitable.
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