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Occupy Wall Street comes to Germany
Photo: DPA

Occupy Wall Street comes to Germany

Published: 15 Oct 2011 14:37 GMT+02:00
Updated: 15 Oct 2011 20:48 GMT+02:00

Thousands of demonstrators joined the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in several German cities on Saturday, protesting against the global financial system. Similar demonstrations took place around the world.

Police estimated that around 5,000 demonstrators marched through Frankfurt to the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB), while almost 10,000 took to the streets of Berlin. Several thousand joined protests in Munich, Cologne and other cities.

The Cologne protests adopted the slogan "Real Democracy – now!" and declared solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, which is demonstrating against perceived injustices in the worldwide banking system.

But the German protesters also focussed their anger more specifically on the debt crisis currently gripping the eurozone. The Frankfurt protesters began the Occupy Frankfurt event by performing a play entitled "Europe – a Greek tragedy."

Organizers declared they would occupy and blockade the square in front of the ECB "for an undefined period of time."

Demonstrators held up placards reading "You are speculating with out lives," and "You are betting our future," and called for taxes on financial speculation.

Protesters gathered at Berlin's Alexanderplatz square at midday to march on Angela Merkel's chancellery. Among the organizers was the anti-globalization protest group Attac.

Some demonstrators were also planning to set up a protest camp like those in Madrid and New York.

Sikle Baskaya, 32, said she had travelled from the city of Heidelberg to attend the rally. The financial sector was irresponsible and greedy, she said.

"Humanity and nature are also pushed into the background by the thirst for money," she said, citing market speculation in basic foodstuffs and the unequal distribution of wealth. She herself worked in the financial sector, she added.

A 27-year-old schoolteacher who gave his name only as Tobias, said: "I see the global capitalist system as a time bomb for humans but also for the planet. Our (material) well-being is financed to the detriment of other countries, (and) the ECB represents this unjust and murderous system," he added. He carried a sign reading "Capitalism Will Kill Capitalism."

Pensioner Christl said she came thinking of her children and grandchildren "who will have to pay for our debts. "I think the banking system is awful overall," she added. "Investment banks should bear the cost of their losses on their own. It's

time to rise up, otherwise nothing will ever happen."

Frauke Distelrath of the Attac she was pleased with the turnout. "We chose to demonstrate outside the ECB, but we could have demonstrated outside Deutsche Bank, or outside the Frankfurt stock exchange," she said.

"But the ECB is the engine driving the troika," she added, a reference to the ECB, the International Monetary Fund and the Union European - the three international organisations -- funding the bail-out of debt-hit Greece.

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Your comments about this article

17:43 October 15, 2011 by Sastry.M
Can the Germans sum up courage and dare to recommend the U.S to nationalize the unserviceable (u/s) Federal Reserve?
17:56 October 15, 2011 by Uncommon Sense
How can one protest on behalf of oneself, wanting more for himself/herself, complaining about Greed? Is this not the height of self-condemnation? Is this not the greedy poor complaining about what the "greedy" rich have and wanting what the "greedy" rich have for himself/herself. Can one be more hypocritical than this?
19:02 October 15, 2011 by wxman
Right on, Uncommon. These are nothing but spoiled children who have lived in luxury all their lives, all their needs met by overly indulgent parents. Now they find out they have to actually work for a living, instead of sucking the blood out of some other hard working person. The great American actor John Wayne once said, "Life is hard; its harder when you're stupid." I guess we can add lazy with a sense of entitlement to this statement as well.
19:17 October 15, 2011 by zeddriver
The protesters on wall street really need to solidify their message. I watched a news clip last week. And while some of the protesters made a good point about being feed up with wall street white collar theft of the average persons money. The very next person said we need to do away with capitalism and switch to communism. Yet another guy holding a we need jobs sign was being interviewed by a reporter. The reporter asked how long he has been jobless. The protester actually said he had quit his job to go to New York.
20:06 October 15, 2011 by siba
I wonder what kind of persons read the local... all these comments here are negative regarding Occupy Wallstreet though it probably is the most important social movements in current history. Alltogether it has the objective to bring back democracy and social equality by limiting the power and means of a financial industry which has to be kept alive by tax money. This tax money should be used for the public (infrastructure, education, science, social welfare...) but not for a currupt financial industry which - without regulation and taxation - just serves the richest of the rich.

Tea Party followers including right-wing media try to point out that there are (few) single persons with unclear and weird thoughts among the protestors but this is just a helpless effort to weaken this movement.

I hope this movement - which is not financed like the tea party movement - will be able to succeed in shifting the power and the welfare back to the 99% of us!!!
20:28 October 15, 2011 by Englishted
Wrong target ,we must take it to the E.U. in Brussels ,at the moment they are robbing at will .

The need for reform of this corrupt gravy train are blindingly clear.


here is another quote for your collection:

Life is like a s**t sandwich the more bread you have the less s++t you eat.
21:45 October 15, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Look how pale these protesters are. Its like they haven't seen the light since George Bush was in office. lol

The AstroTurf Occupy Movement are the disenfranchised 'Obama '08' crowd, to whom it has finally dawned that Great Leader Obama won't be reelected next year. This movement consists of the Battle Sheep of the American Left, Unions, and a little Open Society Chut$pah thrown in from George Soros.

The 'Cult of Free Stuff' is on the move all over Europe today. But lets face it, its just an excuse for the Pro-Nanny State'ers to cry like babies and get their Nanny to pay attention. And everyone else to party, smoke some weed and break somebody elses stuff.

Bwaaaaaaaahhh! 'GIVE ME Free Stuff!!! Or I will tear the Crib down ! I will poop on it !' lol
22:06 October 15, 2011 by docmartin
When you worked hard for many years, the few benefits that you PAID FOR and were promised to get, and then are angry when told you are being cut off, is not lazy or hypocritical. So shut up with that line. The Wall Street bonuses/compensations gets bigger and more outrageous every year...reward for doing a bad job! Wake up, people! And the banks- they stuff their pockets with quarterly huge profits, deposit them into Caman Island bank accounts, and then tell us they need more money. I do not believe many people support this, but the ones who do are very vocal and write into blogs like this trying to brainwash others into thinking that the corporations/banks/oil companies/drug companies are the good guys, and the hard working citizens are the greedy lazy bums.
22:29 October 15, 2011 by derExDeutsche
'the ones who do are very vocal and write into blogs like this trying to brainwash others into thinking that the corporations/banks/oil companies/drug companies are the good guys, and the hard working citizens are the greedy lazy bums. '

Isn't it funny how EVERYTHING is a problem EXCEPT the GOVERNMENT. Or where would 'hard working citizens' work, if it not also for 'corporations/banks/oil companies/drug companies'?

You Sir, are SHEEP. Your Pension is not gone because of Bankers. It is gone because you live in a Country with VAST AMOUNTS of GOVERNMENT DEBT. Your Government has lead us down this path, along with the Bankers. So don't just give us your one sided 'Bright Communist Future' Bullshit.

Your Marxist dream, is that if you Scream Loud enough or Occupy long enough, it will make your distorted version of the truth a fact. It does not.

however, I just don't think this crowd is much interested in the truth. The truth doesn't pay unemployment.
00:49 October 16, 2011 by freechoice
when you spend your entire life accumulating resources and don't use them? You are depleting earth natural resources, when you are doing all those things.

See how the earth environment are being destroyed slowly, just because day in day out your mind is focus on the act of accumulating resources, which you hardly use any percentage of them all.

How do you do that? By lying, cheating cronyism, and many other anti social acts. And did you share any of your vast resources with majority of people who do not have or have used up their resources?

And society crumbles just to meet your desire to accumulate resources. Society decay because you use your powers to control those who have not much resources as you, and would also like to join you in your crazy act of accumulating resources. Then you bend the rules, change the laws to suit your needs.

I just want to ask you one simple question.

Do you know what the fish you are doing?
01:02 October 16, 2011 by ProgandaLady
WooHoo Well Said!

01:12 October 16, 2011 by Freeman
"Inside Job" 2010 documentary. Corpkleptocracy
01:49 October 16, 2011 by ProgandaLady
@ Freeman

Do you get all your left wing Propaganda from Matt Damon?
02:00 October 16, 2011 by padu
Amazing how our media have kept a collective silent about OWT movement while they called a half-dozen-men protest in Beijing as revolution. With our system shamefully failed, we still laughablly accused other proven successful system as dictatorship, while Chinese struggle less than Americans to afford basics.

02:33 October 16, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ padu

yes, I have no doubt that life is better in China. They don't have freechoice screaming in their ears about the environment. No, that is reserved for us. SO while WE price industries out of the country and send them to China, while shuttering our economy to meet, freechoice's idea of fair and appropriate, The Chinese are free to do and trade as they please.

So I ask, ... Who is now chomping @ the bit to bailout out even MORE of these Evil Evil Banksters? And why are we sending good money after bad? Seems funny, no, that it took until 2011 for the Marxists to put together a Protest... Couldn't be that they are making a fuss only Now because they want MORE Bailouts? Austerity a little to austere?

Not 3 years ago, after all, it was only the so called ' Racist Tea Baggers' protesting Bailouts. WHy the sudden change of heart?
03:37 October 16, 2011 by bobmendon
I am amazed at the number of self-made millionaires posting here who are poking fun at people who are fed up with corporate own governments that are led by international banks and financiers. Apparently these people have perfect jobs making fantastic incomes. They must own their own estates free and clear of the bank. They pay no taxes and depend on no government services. They live in communities where everybody has a job and the opportunity to earn above a living wage. They have no debts and obligations and are happy with corporations paying off their governments to make laws that no longer protect workers¦#39; rights, women¦#39;s rights, civil rights, or human rights. For all of you who are mocking the protesters, I am really glad your world is perfect and that you will never have the risk of losing your job, bankruptcy because of a healthcare problem or having your home foreclosed on for missing just one payment. There seems to be larger 1% than I thought possible!
03:37 October 16, 2011 by Ludwig von America
I hear what the protesters are against, but I don¦#39;t hear what they are for. They say plenty about what they don¦#39;t like, but can¦#39;t say specifically what they want. There is a huge amount of raw energy and conviction being wasted. If this could be harnessed and funneled toward one specific goal at a time, it would be amazing what they could accomplish.

Just for argument¦#39;s sake, lets compare their nemesis (corporate greed) as a well entrenched enemy with a 100 mile long defense perimeter. Right now, the many thousands of protesters don¦#39;t know how to penetrate it. They have no real command and control to form an effective attack. Instead, it¦#39;s like someone said to the masses, ¦quot;You all just walk around, shout and throw rocks at the enemy. Some of you go this way, and some of you go that way. The rest of you, just do what you see everyone else doing¦quot;.

But at least people are getting off their ass and going into the street. Give it some time. They¦#39;re learning and this is only the beginning.
04:11 October 16, 2011 by derExDeutsche

'I am amazed at the number of self-made millionaires posting here who are poking fun at people who are fed up with corporate own governments that are led by international banks and financiers.'

Ahem... So calling somebody a 'Teabagger' isn't poking fun at people who are fed up with corporate owned Govt.? lol. Have you noticed how many ex-WallSt Execs work in the Obama White House? The truth about who is behind this 'Occupation' will be clear soon enough.

@ Ludwig von America

' If this could be harnessed and funneled toward one specific goal at a time, it would be amazing what they could accomplish. '

it already is harnessed, ... next step; November 6th, 2012
05:24 October 16, 2011 by Freeman
1000 worldwide cities Oct 15. 2011 OWS.
08:11 October 16, 2011 by shahislam
A well communicated member of the modern day Public can easily understand why it is deplorable when the IAHs or the governing heads of the West, which e.g.: advised or planned crackdown on violent protesters (Imported young men? Whatever it is but adoption of violence by either side is never supportable by any wise and sane minds because any government negativity may only beget multiple negativities of suppressed public anger in both short and long terms and to be honest, the Police could have removed or dispersed the crowd of violators by more honest means) of recent G-20 summit in Toronto (Which could also be held quietly and pleasantly in a remote country-side with enough safety-protections), under what kind of logical explanations, should encourage the protesters of overseas to be sentimentally violent against any of the governments of foreign lands with or without manipulating the powers of Medias? Global public is already suspicious from recent crackdowns in the West and would immediately lose its faith, if it finds out any clue of dishonest means or exaggerations of Medias and then, there won¦#39;t be much of a good outcome to personally benefit the invisible original planners. It inevitably happens all the time because there is another Highest Justice of Omni-powerful: the Creator of Cosmos. And the silent punishments take places on very personal levels that can be known by none publicly. When nothing happens after death, then, who cares among the all present at the bed-side of a dying bad leader or adviser about how the soul or living body functions of the dying person (who planned and/or participated in the killings of many human souls that were unwilling to perish) was feeling at the time of death!

And today we, as a think-tank of ¦#39;Middle class or not extremely rich people¦#39;, can start to learn about how to apply formulas like Keynesianism in the Third world to facilitate tomorrow¦#39;s politics of (without distinguishing among things of morality such as on the basis of ¦#39;mine or other¦#39;s comforts and happiness¦#39; ¦#39;foreign or domestic policies¦#39; etc.) ¦#39;The all happy-new-generation of Global Public of better wisdom¦#39;.

However, in the near future, if Cosmic courses of changes may somehow continue undisturbed, then, in a percussive manner, lots of small victories of ¦quot;the public of the ¦#39;isolated lands¦#39; (which, for the Western good influences have recently become better than a collective old-styled illusionistic mindset of imposed political or religious beliefs, believed ¦#39;the states of isolations by boundaries¦#39; on separated pieces of lands meant to be their own countries for themselves)¦quot; will take place and many of the smaller government-powers will start to be gradually abolished but the credits, for the sake of making an earthly sense should tentative superficially and very honestly, for greater purposes, be given to the ¦quot;new global public of better wisdom¦quot;.
17:04 October 16, 2011 by surinamsam
To: derexdeutsche ... "SO while WE price industries out of the country and send them to China..."

Man what hole did you slither out from? Either your history IQ is ultra low or you have selective amnesia. Nixon's Republican (Lobbyist Puppets) Administration changed laws and regulations (written by corporate lobbyists) ALLOWING the offshoring of production and financial divisions (AND their bank accounts) in order to lower their tax burden, avoid environmental, health and safety rules and increase profits. Greed and a lack of social responsibility along with deregulation and legal loopholes spurred their flight. "WE" don't "SEND" companies anywhere.

You Mr Leipziger Allelei are delusional.

It seems your diet of overly processed food, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh has seriously weakened your critical thinking abilities. ODER?

Prove me wrong by saying something sensible rather than that anti-protest, Marxist paranoic drivel.
18:37 October 16, 2011 by NachtMusik
Happy Little Protesters

used in the end

to create a new Solution.

While 1% eat 98% of the Pie.

Drinking champagne on the balconies.

Smug, painted faces

looking down at the mob...

"Let them eat cake!"

Fed Reserve siphons tax dollars

to Filthy-Rich accounts.

Dollar backed by nothing,

a wheelbarrow full of cash

buys a loaf...

Crony Media bastards

lick the feet of COINTELPRO

and the new technofaschists

as they create Controlled Opposition

They twist it until

it's a new shape.

the shape of Communism

but just repackaged.

in the end the Protesters

protest themselves.
19:37 October 16, 2011 by catjones
I know one thing for sure; if I was the head of a global bank I wouldn't be greedy. I would have limited my profitability during the bubble even though my competitors were making money hand over fist. Even if that meant my bank could no longer compete and went out of business, at least my soul would be as clean as the commentators on this forum.
22:11 October 16, 2011 by wxman
We are all entitled to what we can get based on our abilities and hard work, not our "needs" (meaning, selfish "wants"). Everyone thinks they "need" something, but if they aren't willing to work for it, they are not entitled to it. These are nothing but spoiled, lazy, uneducated brats who want "theirs". Eff 'em, let them work for it!
02:30 October 17, 2011 by jstar100
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
05:12 October 17, 2011 by jbaker
Sometimes it is the people who are being protested against are the ones who support the protest's. It's a way to deflect attention from what they are really doing.
12:09 October 17, 2011 by LecteurX
@ surinamsam - very well said.

@ jstar100 - care to read the article? most people demonstrating already have jobs, you nob. They are teachers, nurses, engineers, civil servants, etc, you know, people with real jobs that have a purpose to make society better. They demonstrate against having all rights taking away from them and all their tax money they pay diverted to bail out banks rather than used for things it is meant to pay for: schools, hospitals, infrastructure, etc.

@ derExDeutsche - yeah right, "the cult of free stuff". It doesn't come for free if you pay taxes for it, basically. Is healthcare for "free" in Western Europe? It certainly isn't, as we pay mandatory health insurance every month here, in almost every European country. Still, it's "almost free" indeed compared to the US healthcare system, where people pay crippling fees to a private "healthcare" sector that's basically just there to save money on costs and leave the US with one of the lowest life expectancy in the developed world. Just because it looks like it is free (at the point of delivery) doesn't mean it is.

Really, the only ones who really get stuff for free in this world at this day and age are all those banks who were allowed to accumulate fantastic profit (good for them) and become "too big to fail", and then had to be bailed out with hundreds of billions of dollars at taxpayers' cost. Sure, it doesn't seem to me you're very bothered by all that money they got for free. Those banks that are "too big to fail" should be too big to exist in the first place. Conveniently, they had lobbied govenrments into abolishing all those cumbersome regulations, anti-trust laws, Glass-Seagall Act et al. Funny that this doesn't seem to bother you.
04:42 October 18, 2011 by Freeman
+1 and additional nine characters to fully comply with comment guidelines. Over and Above.
05:42 October 18, 2011 by solsscriptura
A 27-year-old schoolteacher who gave his name only as Tobias, said: "I see the global capitalist system as a time bomb for humans but also for the planet. Our (material) well-being is financed to the detriment of other countries, (and) the ECB represents this unjust and murderous system," he added. (UP TO HERE HE IS RIGHT. THEN>>>>) He carried a sign reading "Capitalism Will Kill Capitalism." SWING AND A MISS STRIKE ONE. Straight out of the school system.

Private Central banks (what? they are not federal?) own the nations.

YOUTUBE The American Dream Will catch us all up on History.
23:58 August 29, 2012 by MrMaxBliss
We can be grateful the Rothschild leading influence on educational policies around the world and heavy control of the mainstream media has not fully conditioned these frustrated souls, using the time honored method of unity in an effort to express their anger at the injustice in the world. The arrogance of the Global Elite, thinking they have it all under control using the conditioned police forces to exercise the carefully planned strategies to deal with potential insurrection. Soon they will not only be using fluoride to pacify the populace but also mind control using devices on the 450mhz frequency.

New laws in the UK condoning the use of mind control devices to pacify and control insurrection and riots is just the tip of the horrendous plans from Chatham House. Eradication of cash over the next 5 years is a key part of a plan to introduce electronic virtual money, that will mean total control. If you march you will make your self very vulnerable.....getting the picture yet?? Oh RFid chip (part of Obama care legislation implanted for all newborns in US) is just the beginning, I have an Advert from IBM about using your implanted chip to go shopping without paying.

Please look at you tube channel " mrmaxbliss "

for a lot of information regarding the diabolical plans of the current global elite, including de-population, illegal wars, hoax global warming, UN agenda 21, CHEMTRAILING us all with toxins, controling the weather causing floods, droughts, earth quakes(Japan & Haiti) Zsunami's malacca straights malayasia, weaponising the weather and creating food shortages, plans of Henry Kissnger and the Bilderburg group ( must all be arrested fro crimes against humanity) Mind control, I have references to many patents confirming that this is not fantasy but a nightmare reality all perpetrated by the global elite.
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