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Germans say bin Laden's death no cause for joy

The Local · 6 May 2011, 08:32

Published: 06 May 2011 08:32 GMT+02:00

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According to the poll for public broadcaster ARD, 64 percent felt killing the head of the terror group al-Qaida was no cause for joy while only 28 percent did.

Moreover, just 42 percent of Germans believe the United States had the right to kill bin Laden and 52 percent believe soldiers should have tried to apprehend him to bring in front of an international tribunal.

A slight majority – 51 percent – also believe bin Laden's killing has damaged security, at least in the short term. They believe the risk of terrorist attack has increased while 45 percent believes it has stayed the same.

Only 2 percent believe the threat has dropped and nearly 80 percent believe Germany will eventually face a terrorist attack.

The poll comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel has faced stark criticism from German politicians after she expressed joy immediately after the killing of bin Laden.

The survey of 1,001 Germans by Infratest dimap has a margin of error of between 1.4 and 3.1 percent and was conducted on Monday and Tuesday.

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10:10 May 6, 2011 by danceswithgoats
Mission accomplished! 65 years of occupation has turned the Germans into a nation of grass eaters. They are directly responsible for the deaths of over 300K Americans in the last century so I welcome their pacifism.
10:31 May 6, 2011 by catjones
Next time send in the German commandos.... after they finish in Libya.
10:31 May 6, 2011 by WTM
I am truly proud of the german people for realizing that the death of a man ( albeit an evil man ) is absolutely not a cause for celebration. An unarmed man was killed... that is not justice. I do believe the world is a better place now.. but what do we say to the next child walks into his high school and shoots the bully in the head?? He'll tell us that that boy was evil and terrorized the other children.. and he thought it was OK since we did it to bin Laden. We must set an example for future generations.. Also, they celebrated 9/11.. How are we ANY better if when we do the same?
10:35 May 6, 2011 by Simon_Kellett
danceswithgoats> They are directly responsible for the deaths of over 300K Americans in the last century so I welcome their pacifism.

So will we see the Americans reciprocate and become pacifists?
10:38 May 6, 2011 by wood artist
In a perfect world, the best course would have been to capture him and put him on trial. That would show the world that there is a system in place to deal with inappropriate behavior in a fair and civilized fashion. It would allow the "civilized countries" to show that they have risen above the most base emotions of humans.

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and although I believe we should all strive to make it better, sometimes it's not possible. Certainly his death is not a cause to celebrate, even though the victims of his crimes will feel some relief. Given his claims, I suspect there is little doubt of his guilt, although finding an impartial jury might have been quite a challenge anywhere.

While I think we must strive to always be better, we will likely always fall short, and find circumstances stacked against us. As a former SEAL, I've been there, and they probably made the right (and only) choices.

10:39 May 6, 2011 by raandy
Who gives cares what the Germans think, was not there problem or loss.

We can and will deal with our problems with out the blessings of the Germans.

Go back to penis boxing.
10:47 May 6, 2011 by adipk
I think Germans are right. When there was a chance to capture him and he was unarmed than it was the best idea to capture and hand over to International court. International crime court investigate him and sentence punishment. But this way may be he unveil his US relation and what he did for US.

Anyhow difficult game. I dont believe in his death.
10:55 May 6, 2011 by pseu
Yeah, why not give him more time to preach to his followers and spread influence on the public stage while a public trial goes on at the Hague for 10 years (if the NL would even accept him there due to the threat).

It is not like he will make a joke of any court they put him in like Milosevic and the International courts.

By the way, how do you jokers feel about the Milosevic trial? You get any additional satisfaction out of that or any of his generals being in the Hague?
11:01 May 6, 2011 by Krim
Just remember:

This monster was a US made and now it is a US destroyed.

Saddam was used against Khomeini and Iran , then he was destroyed.

A lesson for all leaders. Be a democrat, respect the law and human rights and don´t get into business with the Emperor .
11:08 May 6, 2011 by jm80
I think the German/European attitude on this matter is hypocritical, and at best amusing. On more than one occasion while living here in Germany, I've had Germans/Europeans express to me that they were "glad" or "happy" or just a "little bit happy" that 9/11 happened.

"Now you know what it's like to suffer", they say, or some such platitude, not realizing the absurdity of their statements, considering that all of them were born decades after WW2 had ended. The only suffering they've ever known is having to graduate university sometime before the age of 40 and then moving back in with mom and dad.
11:08 May 6, 2011 by pepsionice
Now that we've settled all that.....how many Germans are happy about mosques being built in Germany? How many Germans are happy with the growing Islamic population in Germany? Hmmmm.....silence.

Can't get your intellectual selves to stand up and comment over the significant numbers of Germans who really aren't happy about their Islamic population in Germany....can you?

Ok, so let's turn back to the lousy Americans. When your nuke plant screws up and you've lost all hope of gaining control....who exactly do you end up turning to? When some giant tidal wave sweeps across some islands in the Pacific and people need help within 48 hours to survive.....who exactly are you going to call up to help? Who will raise their hand and go against two fascist regimes at the same time for the sake of the remaining free world? You can kick the dog (America) as much as you want, and he's still going to be in the corner of home....mostly watching over things, and privately you might admit that he's not that bad.
11:08 May 6, 2011 by melbournite
Do any of the German-haters here think for a second that the reason that Germans have a decent position about extra-judicial murder is BECAUSE of what they went through under the NAZIs?
11:40 May 6, 2011 by auniquecorn
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
11:44 May 6, 2011 by Fatz Lewinski
Agree with Melbournite. There are a remarkable number of German haters here. Why are you all here?

There is not country in the world without some guilty past or blood on its hands. But it's been several generations since the WWII and still there is a constant association of Germany with war and fascism. Go read the UK press on the eve of a Germany - England football game. Atrocious, its not even amusing anymore.

I too would have preferred Bin Laden to have been taken alive and tried even if it is just to prove that justice prevails over terror. However I am not that concerned that he isn't around anymore. Free country, free opinion.

What is WORSE than the whining in the discussion above is the absolute hypocritical concern from the "free press" about whether or not Bin Laden was armed when he took a bullet.
11:59 May 6, 2011 by Angry Ami
LOL, whoa, maybe I should lend my user name to some other folks on here,

OK guys don't be too hard on 'em, remember the post war generation was brought up on a strict diet of Liberal-Left thinking, which means appeasing the enemy in hope he won't attack you, doesn't work, but they still have the hope that it would, but not all of them think this way, when you get away from the hippie-linky-pacifists and start talking to regular everyday Germans, they will tell you otherwise, and like I've been saying for years, let 1 jihadi launch a successful attack in Germany and watch what happens, Germany that I know and have spoken with are ready for Freddie if you know what I mean, so not everyone is on side with the lefty-linkies, let's wait and see.

PS: more Germans own guns than you think ;-)
12:04 May 6, 2011 by FredFinger
>>> There are a remarkable number of German haters here.

To know the germans is to love them.
12:11 May 6, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
here's my take... in the end, the world is much better off with Bin Laden neutralized. But it is the way it was done that's outrageous, as a secret assassination mission, bypassing any form of international law.

I think Obama and the CIA wanted Bin Laden liquidated on the spot because they couldn't afford the embarrassment of taking him to trial and his backstory coming to full light... after all, Bin Laden had very intimate dealings with the CIA in the late 80s, early 90s when the U.S. supported him and other rebels both financially and with intelligence and firearms in the Afghan guerilla war against the Soviet Union. It is fact that the U.S. was heavily engaged, albeit more or less covertly, in Afghanistan in those days, with the objective of weakening the Soviet Union and its military might.

In the end, Bin Laden was just another rogue being bankrolled by the U.S. to serve its foreign policy agenda. And much like some corrupt dictators around the world that the U.S. has fostered, he turned on them and got out of control.

In this respect, killing Osama was the attempt by the U.S. government and the CIA to neatly clean up after itself and not be embarrassed by historical truth.

And that stinks to high heavens.
12:12 May 6, 2011 by TheCrownPrince
@Angry Ami

it might be of interest to you that not all Germans who are against the extra-judicial killing of Bin Laden are "hippie-linky-pacifists" or "lefty-linkies". Some are, yes. But others are deeply conservative and therefore are especially keen on the validity of the rule of law, which is in my opinion a core value of conservatism: the maintenance of LAW and order. Isn't that so? So it's not about being "left" or "liberal", it's about the law, nothing else.
12:44 May 6, 2011 by pepsionice
@ thecrownprince

Law & order didn't apply on 9-11....did it? Validity of law really didn't help 3,000 people on that day....did it?

To quote a British gentleman...."People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf".
12:47 May 6, 2011 by danceswithgoats
@ Simon Kellett - no. I offer you Bosnia circa 1995 and Libya 2011 when the Europeans try to anything militaristic. The US has to show up and actually provide some teeth.

The discussion about the illegality of killing OBL is moot. He wasn't some guy walking down the street. He was, in the US definition, an illegal combatant. He could be shot on sight. Of course, if he offered his surrender it would have to be accepted. Treating OLB and the rest of AQ as some sort of crime problem, with the associated laws that go with it, is missing the point. The US is at war. It enemies are being treated as combatants.
12:58 May 6, 2011 by iseedaftpeople

"Law & order didn't apply on 9-11....did it? Validity of law really didn't help 3,000 people on that day....did it?"

well, of course you always have people breaking laws... sometimes very dramatically, with thousands of casualties, like in a terrorist attack.

But that's what the law is for, that's what validity of law is... holding responsible and punishing those who break it. But it must happen within rule(s) of law. Remember, an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. If a government doesn't abide by the same laws that it demands its citizens (or anybody else) to obey, it is no better than those who break it.
13:00 May 6, 2011 by TheCrownPrince

Of course law & order didn't apply on 9-11, but only because 9-11 was an act of terrorism. Acts of terrorism are seldom legal. On the other hand: state authorities dealing with terrorists are bound by law and have to act that way.


According to common international law the USA is not "at war" with al-Qaida. Al-Qaida is simply no sufficient party for a "war". Thus, there is no state of war. The US may "feel" like being in a war, but legally there is no "war". Of course the US would like to have "war" with al-Qaidea because things were much easier then, but that does not help.
13:28 May 6, 2011 by bobmarchiano
al-Qaida terrorist are still in Guantanamo because no country wanted to house them due to security concerns.

What would have happened if we jailed Bin Laden would there not be groups

doing ever thing they could to free this ........

If they are will to strap a bomb on a child .....anyone in there way would have died.

NO Americans do not hate Germans myself I do not understand them when they sit on there hands and let other counties do the dirty work.
13:32 May 6, 2011 by danceswithgoats
@TheCrownPrince - AQ must be confused. They think they are at war with the US. You are too enthralled with the Treaty of Westphalia/Nation State notion of war. What laws define the use of force in situations like Libya? War or police action? The US is operating under a "use of force" resolution.
14:00 May 6, 2011 by n230099
"I am truly proud of the german people for realizing that the death of a man ( albeit an evil man ) is absolutely not a cause for celebration."

Yes, there has been progress there.
14:10 May 6, 2011 by ovalle3.14
To those who claim the US captains the Free World: put down the Kool-Aid already, would ya?
14:18 May 6, 2011 by tallady
Putting him on trial would be a circus.

At this point in time it really does not matter who thinks what about what concerning the apprehension of the terrorist Osama bin Laden as he is dead and buried.
14:20 May 6, 2011 by michael4096
In an ideal world, trying bin Laden would be a really good choice. However, the world isn't yet ready. It's not at all clear under what law he could be tried or whether he could be proven guilty. The trial itself could easily have ended up with innocent victims. In this case, and just about only this case, I agree with the put-him-down brigade.

Much more interesting is why nobody is complaining about the regular extra-judicial murder of who-knows-who by bombs and rockets from UAVs. Who is targeted? How is the death penalty decided? Who confirms it's the right guy? Who has the right to murder bystanders and call it 'collateral damage' anyway?
14:24 May 6, 2011 by supermc
Is Bin Laden dead?????? who really brought down the twin towers that killed so many people,there is more to all this and some people can't see passed there nose, if and i mean if Bin Laden carried out all these crimes he should have been captured and punished,they shot an unarmed man what were the us afraid of? and there is no justice in the way things were carried out and NO PROOF LIES LIES LIES,Us are complaining about the Germans but they should take a closer look at them selves and I'm not from Germany.
14:25 May 6, 2011 by hrt1
Whether ObL was put to a trial, the end result is the same - death of ObL and continued exchange of retaliations between the U.S. and Islamic extremists. And Sarazzin could become an ideal target for the next wave of retaliations.
14:50 May 6, 2011 by tallady
supermc you can see it that way if you choose. I would take the position that he received the same treatment as all those unarmed non combatants that he killed or you could say that every thing that goes around comes around.Live by the sword die by the sword but it's now yesterdays box office. I certainly feel no remorse for this terrorist. One could wonder what secrets could have been garnered from a good washboarding ,however.
15:55 May 6, 2011 by Sooney
I think the Germans need to remember that they are the champions at doing stuff like Osama Bin Laden and it took many lives and countries to not only free them but rebuild their country and baby sit them for 60 years so they can feel better about themselves. Perhaps it's because they could not take care of their own business like the Americans did and by the way - if they have terrorist attcks - try taking some action instead of bashing - what will happen if you need help again - boy some Germans still have small minds....try thanking people and countries for giving them a life -no wonder people still call them names..Or perhaps they should have tracked down Osama themselves and put them on trial - genug from these folks
15:59 May 6, 2011 by heathen
@supermc: quick, put back on your tinfoil hat and take a swig of the kool-aid before *they* get you...
16:05 May 6, 2011 by Sooney
One more thing - this is an excerpt from Die Welt that sort of explains it all as far as I am concern.....

I like to say - This is how we (Americans) do it - kind of fits

Excerpt from Die Welt Article -

¦quot;America has once again powerfully demonstrated with the death of bin Laden that one cannot go unpunished for attacking and humiliating the USA. America has shown that it doesn¦#39;t forget. And that it commands the resources, the technology, the courage and the readiness to pursue offenders tirelessly and seize them at a great distance.¦quot; Obama justified the death of a man from the sphere of America¦#39;s values. No talk of revenge, but a clear signal that one indivisible nation is so sacred to Americans that they will always defend it pragmatically ­ the pilgrims aren¦#39;t supposed to have fled Europe¦#39;s despots for nothing.¦quot;

Probably pisses off a few folks .....
16:10 May 6, 2011 by ATM
The US or any other country does not need the approval of the German population to take down a murdering terrorist like Bin Laden. There are more to follow. When terrorist strike on German soil they can be taken into custody given a nice comfy trial let out in 7 years. When you deal with dirty people such as terrorist is hard to walk away with clean hands. Praise to the soldiers who executed this mission. True professional soldiers.
16:17 May 6, 2011 by bad_tolz
"Oh My God Germans are indeed hypocrites". Hmmm lets look at this statement and that facts surrounding that statement.

1. Germans have had the United States umbrella of security since 1945. Since then the US has been a most a benefical guest suppling Germans with something so they can live their sheltered lives without paying for it.

2. Largely since the late 1960s Germany's economic power has grown exponentially.

3. At this time, terrorist groups, mainly the Baeder-Meinhoff and later manifested into the Red Army Faction (RAF) rose to act to campaign on its murdeous path of its form of manifesto of far left fundamentalism.

4.Scores of people we murdered by those GERMAN Terroists. 5.To what degree were Germans in June 1993 when Wolfgang Grams was shot by German authorities when he resisited apprehension and arrest. Was he a saint? Did the GERMANS want a nice show trial for him? Everyone knows he got what he deserved. Der Speigel might have wrote a nice article at the time to sell magazines, but they were guessing at how Grams was killed.

6. Germans are mainly of little use in Afghanistan. Less the Special Forces troops that are engaged.

7. Germans are not in Libya, but will soon have refugees at their doorstep.

8. German military is becoming weaker and the US is again reducing forces in Germany. No surprises there.

9. German press attacks the US for not bringing Bin Laden to trial.

10. Germans were not on the special ops mission to get Bin Laden. But are quick to be critical over those that provide its Security.

This just in: Germans are Hypocritics Extraordinary.
16:22 May 6, 2011 by Sooney
One more comment and I am done with this - am I confused or was there celebrations in the streets at the end of WWII - after you know who bit the dust cowardly at his own hands - for attacking numerous countries and killing millions of people - quite can't figure out his reasons either - you see why some people don't give a hoot - thanks off to the USA for being able to take down a coward before he killed himself not to face a TRIAL - but the Americans cannot celebrate - or is it fear of having to take on these folks and actually do some fighting for themselves - typical -typical -typical - but to be fair - not all Germans see things with tunnel vision.....
16:35 May 6, 2011 by TheCrownPrince

Germany dealing with the RAF is a good example. As far as I know, they all got their trials. Wolfgang Grams was shot at Bad Kleinen because he tried to shoot at the police and to evade his arrest. The rest of the RAF was dealt with under the rule of law. Even Eichmann (millions of victims) got his trial. So why not OBL?

Germans are not in Libya, because this whole operation is madness without any strategy, pretending to save human rights whereas the only objective is (illegal) regime-change and taking side in a civil war, the mess being initiated by a French President who desperately tries to get re-elected.

Germany has nothing against the USA as world's policeman, but it would be nice if they played - from time to time - by the rules all others are forced to obey, even if it's hard sometimes. But in that OBL case it seems they didn't even try to, which is quite suboptimal for a country with a highly developed legal system.
16:48 May 6, 2011 by beckyhead
So, if an unarmed Hitler was killed by a commando in 1944, would celebrating the death of the world most prolific genocidal maniac be bad?
17:34 May 6, 2011 by Bill Simpson
After terrorists murder 3,000 Germans, attack the German military headquarters (tiny as it probably is, since the USA protected Germany from Russia, at tremendous cost, for 44 years), and Germany puts them on trial, then Germany can lecture the USA.

And weren't Germans the guys that started the last big war that got 50,000,000 people killed? More than a few people who suffered through that are still alive.

And then there was that Holocaust thing. Were ALL those who participated in the world's first government sponsored genocide put on trial? I think not.
17:42 May 6, 2011 by Englishted
If he was taken alive, he would not face the death penalty.

So prison , so far so good.

How many Western hostages do the German think would be taken, beheaded ect.until he was released,or die of natural causes?
17:48 May 6, 2011 by Soonerdiver
If you (the German People) wanted him to be captured and placed in front of an international tribunal; then maybe you should have worked harder to find him.

He is directly responsible for killing 2800 human beings in the Trade Center Towers and received exactly what he deserved! Do we have cause for jubulation... you better believe it!

And and aside note... I think now we should bring all American Servicemen and women home from ALL overseas bases, stopping paying into the various governments and use the money to help rebuild America. The people and governments in the Middle East can sink or swim as they see fit! And Germany is strong enough now to stand on it's own two feet!
17:51 May 6, 2011 by MarshaLynn
Oh no no no, with a liberal president at the helm here in the USA, and a highly liberal judiciary, we don't want Bin Laden facing trial. This president's attorney general wanted to put the Gitmo prisoners on trial in the civil courts in NYC. What a ridiculous and DANGEROUS idea. Furthermore, with so many liberal judges on the bench these days, those prisoners probably would have been set free on a technicality, as could Osama Bin Laden had he been tried. So no way, no trial for Osama. And it is very interesting that everything President Obama and his crew have railed against -- the prison at Gitmo, waterboarding, etc. -- are the very things that made Osama's capture possible. Problem is, Liberals/Progressives do not live in the real world. It's here in the real world that conservatives understand what evil looks like and deal with it appropriately, while liberals go around theorizing with their heads in the clouds. Obama got Bin Laden simply to further his prospects for reelection and nothing else. It certainly is not consistent with everything he has been spouting for years.
17:57 May 6, 2011 by Kennneth Ingle
How low can man sink? The death of a human-being is a reason for joy? If that is true, why do we criticise the Nazis or the communists, they were experts in killing. It would seem that the Germans have learnt far more out of WW2 than those who criticise them. Revenge is not justice.

We can certainly all be pleased that there is one terrorist in the world and the Germans do not dispute that.! What they are pointing out is, that the murder of an unarmed man, destroys the very values we claim to protect.
18:12 May 6, 2011 by Lachner
The Germans hail Claus von Stauffenberg as a national hero as one of the main leaders of the famous assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler in 1944 called "Operation Valkyre." The German government even built a memorial for all the assassinated leaders of Operation Valkyre in a part of the Bendlerblock (which currently houses the Berlin offices of the German Ministry of Defense). Therefore, I find it amusing that now the Germans are criticizing the United States Government for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and for not arresting him. It is also amusing how the Muslim World is outraged because Osama Bin Laden was not given a proper Muslim burial and how this disrespects the dignity of the Muslim religion. How about the dignity and respect of the 3,000 innocent Americans that died on 9/11? What is the difference between killing Osama Bin Laden as the Navy Seals did versus arresting him, sentencing him and killing him by lethal injection? It is still death. There are some evil humans in this World that do not deserve a trial because they have done so much evil in the World. I bet the people of Venezuela would rejoice with the death of Hugo Chavez, or the people of Cuba with the death of Fidel Castro, the people of Lybia with the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the people of North Korea with the death of Kim Jong il or the people of Iran with the death of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In my opinion, Justice is Justice. The Americans are not celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden per se, but rather that Justice was finally served and this may give some kind of comfort and closure to all the families and friends of the 9/11 victims. Therefore, I don't understand why everyone else is now jumping on the "Let's Bash America" bandwagon, when they always take care of their own business and they are always the first to arrive at the scene when natural disasters occur or when World democracy and freedom are in danger. I am not American or German and I don't agree with most of the United States' foreign policies, but one has to credit them for always being there for the good of the World and lending a hand to those in need. Therefore, leave the United States alone and allow Americans rejoice for finally getting some kind of justice for the atrocious events that occurred on 9/11.
18:22 May 6, 2011 by JAMessersmith
Looks like Germans have either been brainwashed by Christian morality, or neutered by American occupation. Revenge is a perfectly natural human emotion, and is actually quite satisfying. There is absolutely nothing wrong with brutally murdering a man who brutally murdered scores of innocent people. I'm sorry his death was a quick one, unlike so many of his victims.

And as for the idea of putting him on trial; it would've been a waste of time and money, plain and simple. The guy wouldn't have talked and the US would've executed him anyway. Murdering him on site was a far more practical solution. Besides, had we taken him prisoner, it would've spurred on retaliatory attacks against Westerners throughout the Muslim world in an effort to free him, and would've elevated him to martyr status in the eyes of millions around the globe. The way it went down was perfect; he wasn't holed up in some godforsaken cave, sacrificing himself for jihad. He was cooped up in a mansion, living the high-life, while asking others to sacrifice for jihad. Had he been made to suffer in a jail cell before being thrown to the lions by the infidels, he would've been portrayed in a light similar to an ancient Christian martyr in the Islamic world.

And lastly, there are many aspects of Western justice which I find to be either completely inept, or totally corrupt, so to act as if throwing this guy into an American courthouse would've made everything alright is sheer fantasy... only in your minds.
18:55 May 6, 2011 by Buddha2999
1. Hitler was an Austrian

2. OBL probably already died in Dec 2001

3. US was protecting Germany cz of its global political interests against the Sowjet Union, else whole Germany and maybe whole Europe would have been red, maybe still til today.

4. Yes I'm german, working for an american company

5. I do like Americans in gerneral

6. I do not like small minds, no matter from where ever they are
19:06 May 6, 2011 by Landmine
We giveth, we taketh away.

i.e. Noriega, Saddam and now Bin Laden. Go mess with USA and see what happens. Let all these punks be forwarned...
19:22 May 6, 2011 by heathen

1. I do not like poorly written English (including sentences with poor grammar structure and that do not end with a period (or full stop).

2. I do not like generalizations nor unsubstantiated conspiracy claims.

just sayin'
19:47 May 6, 2011 by EastPrussia
Wow. I feel that a trial would have been a circus as well - people protesting and such. Although, Hussein's (not the U.S. president's middle name, the former dictator's surname) went well. There isn't a doubt in my mind that Bin Laden would have been sentenced to death in a trial anyway. A great point was raised here - he was an enemy combatant. He also resisted capture, and he took responsibility for the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Didhe have it coming to him? Yes. Keep in mind, Judgement is always easy when given hindsight. Either way, he is dead and nobody in the West will mourn him.
20:47 May 6, 2011 by supermc
I till most Americans can't see passed there nose because its too big like everything else,and all i see here is people so full of crap.if the us tells you something it must be true, right,don't ask any questions.why are people so gullible.and as for Germany in Libya,the us were in it too.

such bitterness.
20:54 May 6, 2011 by Landmine
Well Sepermc, you are on here too, does that tell us you are full of crap as well?
20:58 May 6, 2011 by EastPrussia
Why do some people seem to feel as though Germany should feel war guilt? Maybe it's true, but it is insane to feel personally responsible for something that didn't happen in your generation. The issue is Merkel's reaction, and in my opinion, it isn't wrong to feel good about a small victory in the war on terror.
21:08 May 6, 2011 by Loth
Bin Laden should have been put on trial. But I think there was no evidence he did anything. I do not support radical Islam ,in fact I do not even support non radical Islam. 911 has many unanswered questions that I fear will just be left unanswered.
21:16 May 6, 2011 by supermc
I see most Americans that are so bitter about what the Germans think, live in Germany.but you see i don't like to see anyone murdered that's the difference.where is all the proof of who done what before blowing there head off.
21:42 May 6, 2011 by curtd59
Pacifism is a convenience not a conviction. Germans are not possessed of conviction, they''re taking advantage of a convenience.

It's TIme to bring our troops, weapons and missiles home.

It's Time to let the Teuton's off the training wheels.

It's Time to let europe spend the trillions on policing the west.

England was wrong not to form an alliance with Germany. The USA were wrong to join ww1. We were wrong at Versailles. England was wrong to continue oppression of Germany. The USA was wrong to interfere with the Japanese alliance with england. The entire european civil war was an anglo problem, not a german one.

But it's time to let them off the training wheels.

And we can't afford to police the planet any longer.
21:49 May 6, 2011 by TheCrownPrince
All US-Americans in the room please sit down:

A Hamburg judge has filed a criminal complaint against Merkel for "endorsing a crime" after she stated she was "glad" that Osama bin Laden was killed. No joke.

Here we go, sounds like fun!
22:01 May 6, 2011 by maxbrando
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22:06 May 6, 2011 by wxman
@supermc, bin Laden ADMITTED being behind the 9-11 attack shortly afterward. He admitted it on a VHS tape released to the entire world. Did you not know this? If you did, you're being disingenuous. If you did not, you need to become better informed.
22:13 May 6, 2011 by euskept
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22:18 May 6, 2011 by supermc
(wxman) you should know by now all photos and tapes can be altered and can't be trusted.I'm not saying who's right or wrong but there's no point in shooting you in the head and then ask you what did you say.what are the Americans so afraid of. as for (mad max) there's no bigger than the one that calls it to someone else.he haw
00:05 May 7, 2011 by ukpunk1

@TheCrownPrince: This is totally ridiculous, isn't it?
00:24 May 7, 2011 by FredFinger
The Hamburg Judge will be ignored. It will be quickly pointed out to him that defending your country against dangerous terrorists is allowed and one cannot legislate emotions connected with that defense.

What makes this story so funny is the irony of the extremely brutal way the germans behaved during WWII Now they pretend to get excited because their Chancellor says she is glad that the worlds top terrorist is finally killed. What a pity the germans were unable to display a bit of that sensitivity when they were engaged in killing 6 million jews.
00:33 May 7, 2011 by TheCrownPrince

I agree, it is ridiculous. Though the article is too short and tells not much about Mr. Uthmann's point of view, I guess he shares the view of most Germans that the killing of OBL was not legal and therefore technically a "crime". Thus, Mrs. Merkel - as chancellor and constitutional body - never should have said she was "glad" about it, which for Mr. Uthmann is the commitment of an offense within the definition of § 140 StGB ("Rewarding and Approvement of Crimes").

You could say the reaction of Mr. Uthmann is very "german" in its moral consistency and categorical "do-or-die" approach. Black/white-thinking running amok. I do not approve that. It simply flips over into ridiculousness.
02:03 May 7, 2011 by padu
Justice was done by three-in-one Americans:

1, Waterboarding cop,

2, Judge without jury,

3, executor who will do DNA check after killing.

02:51 May 7, 2011 by Christine1
All we are saying...is give peace a chance...
06:11 May 7, 2011 by nz101
Taking OBL dead is the best and only outcome in my opinion. Who cares that he was not in a position to defend himself - he lost that right on 11th September. None of the 2800 people who were murdered on that day were able to defend/protect themselves either. If I had family members/friends who perished I would be rejoicing in the streets too.

Well done to the Seals, fantastic work and thank you America for ridding us all of one scumbag.
07:59 May 7, 2011 by JPaul
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11:54 May 7, 2011 by frankiep
I am really getting sick of these people acting as if it is a crime that bin Laden was killed. The guy was the admitted leader of a worldwide organization whose stated goal is to kill "infidels" and to destroy governments that support "infidels". This is an organization that has carried out the most horrific attacks on innocent civilians and has openly stated its plans to do more of the same. As the admitted creator and leader of this organization bin Laden was, by any reasonable definition, an enemy combatant and a legitimate military target.

To hear some people now claiming that he was an unarmed civilian who was killed in cold blood is beyond sickening. He was nothing of the sort. The so-called uneasiness that so many Germans (and Europeans in general) now claim to have has little to do with bin Laden himself, but rather more to do with good old European style anti-Americanism, which, despite the current party line, began well before anyone had every ever heard of George W Bush and continued after the election of Barack Obama. But at least its good to finally see that so many Europeans are finally giving up the charade that their only problems with America was Bush II and that Obama meant the end of "only 8 years" of anti-Americanism.
16:58 May 7, 2011 by Curmudgeon
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21:27 May 7, 2011 by Englishted

The terms of 1915 were Germany keeps all the land it has invaded up to then.

Did Germany invade a neutral country? the result was the British entering the war.Strange but true the Germans invaded a neutral country again in 1940 .

I have just one question to ask :

What number is tatooed on your arm mein herr?
01:36 May 8, 2011 by supermc

At long last someone knows what there talking about,fair play to you.
02:50 May 8, 2011 by DetA1966
No one would issue an order to kill as that would be political suicide, I spent 13 years in Special Operations and never heard such an order given. A person would have to be a fool to believe that the most wanted man in the world and hiding out would not have a weapon. If I was sent top capture a person who had sworn never to be taken alive, any move he made that I did not understand would be instant death without hesitation. When in doubt, empty your rifle. These people have a reputation of blowing up too. I am glad that this mass murderer is dead, and I applaud the people who did it, this silly bleeding heart liberalism if left unchecked will usher in a new dark ages, and whoever is in charge will put a quick end to it. and they won't be as open minded as those you currently live under.
14:12 May 8, 2011 by supermc

you must have thought you were in northern Ireland.and that's what happened to innocent people there.(empty your rifle) there's no point in shooting a man and then ask him a question. if you know so much, learn proper grammar.
14:25 May 8, 2011 by jabulani
Osama Bin Laden , if it is true that he was killed as USA wants us to believe then he was MURDERED.As far as i am concened any person that is not armed would only be killed by a coward.With USA politics and politicians who are masters at missinformation one never knows their personal agenda. Bin Laden is friend of the Bush family and they were allowed to leave USA after the 9/11 incident. So far Bush could prove nothing about the involvment of Bin Laden in these incidents and the fact that one never heard the names of the pilots/passengers and staff of the planes that attacked the two towers is very suspicious. I have asked many times to be given their names as they should deserved to be named and but there is utter silence.

If Germans do not feel there is any reason to be happy with the demise of Bin laden is because they are better informed of the reality of the situation and that shows more respect for peoples lives.I do not applaud murder.
14:44 May 8, 2011 by XFYRCHIEF
@curmudgeon...Wow, it must be wonderful to spend your days in Fantasyland! You also forgot to include the fact that Elvis is not dead, JFK was killed by the CIA or FBI (your choice), the US planned the Pearl Harbor attack, and that there really are UFO's and aliens in area 51, and the Bermuda Triangle really is a time portal to another time. Have I forgotten anything? No, worry, I'm sure your mind can conjure something up.
15:21 May 8, 2011 by goeseast
I do not give a damn AT ALL whether or not The US broke the law when they killed Osama Bin Laden.I REALLY DO NOT GIVE A TINKERS DAMN AT ALL!!!! Bin Laden was a mass muderer of almost 3000 persons on 9/11.To all the bleeding heart liberals on here I say TOUGH!!!!! GO AND POUND SALT

15:36 May 8, 2011 by DetA1966

Anyone have any idea what supermc is talking about? I am criticized for poor grammar, while his posts are full of the same plus numerous misspellings. Sometimes he is so muddled, I cannot even decide if he is for or against something.
16:14 May 8, 2011 by supermc
@ DetA1966.

Is that the best you can do.I guess you know no better,Lol.
17:06 May 8, 2011 by shelbee
I would think that " Western" Islamic groups should be celebrating in the streets along with Americans. OBL was a threat to all WESTERN nations and admitted himself to have been involved in and leading terrorist orgs. His life motto was "kill or be killed" It was his honor to have died for his cause. He did not represent Islam, so we are told, so why so much support from the Muslim community?Here is their chance to separate themselves from a madman. Meanwhile, Germany and many other western countries are wetting their pants in fear their Islamic neighbors (within their borders) might be a little shook up over Obl news. Why? He was an admitted criminal that did not represent Islam. He lived his life daily with the thoughts of murdering and destroying as many lives as possible. He was on the move to further prove himself and carry out as many disturbing acts as he could within Germany, Holland, France...list goes on. Politically right or wrong is arguable, but I am surprised so much support for a man who told and showed the world what he thought about them. And again supposedly did not REPRESENT Islam.
18:17 May 8, 2011 by harrylatour
That picture says it all really,,,a nice grandad type sitting with a smile on his face,,,and a F"^*kin big gun on the mantlepiece!! Would you dare turn your back on him??
20:24 May 8, 2011 by tallady
common you dubious decedents of fools ,Osama bin Laden was a mass murderer

who masterminded the destruction of the World Trade Ctrs and 3000 + lives.

Why would you care that this monster is taken off the board by the very country that he vilified.

And more importantly why do we care what you do nothings think?
23:11 May 8, 2011 by ChrisRea
I wonder if the Americans on this forum realise that it is not only Germans that criticise the murdering of Osama (terrorist unrelated to 9/11, but man after all).

JPaul, thank you for a good posting. However, a small correction: the last official war declared by the Congress of the US was in 1942, not 1941 (against the mighty Romania). It is a nice trick for not needing to respect international law (for example the Geneva convention), isn't it?
09:24 May 9, 2011 by lwexcel
We really have no idea how things played themselves out in this situation. I get the feeling that many people commenting against him being killed are under the assumption that the 'assault team' just broke into the house shot a few people and considered this an easy days work.

Yet if we think about this rationally Osama Bin Laden lived in Pakistan for an extended amount of time. Trying to arrest him and bring him out would have been a huge operation possibly putting the lives of American soldiers at risk (Maybe people in Germany see it differently as you give very little value to the men and women in your armed forces,) but this is something that no American would be willing to accept, especially after we have been at war for nearly 10 years. Killing him and asking for forgiveness later was absolutely the best option, grieving families get closure, and America is one step closer to ending this conflict.

Meanwhile while Osama is playing the new role of fish food ... Europeans are still trying to figure out how the Lockerbee bomber fell through the cracks of international diplomacy.
19:17 May 9, 2011 by Sooney
Just had to add this extra tid bit

In an article in the local today ­ scroll down before you can see it - check it out Germany's so call civilized killjoy ­ excerpts from this article actually explains how some people feel about Germans hypocritical voices......didn't need to add anything else explaining how Germans feel about the US actions ­ they made that very clear ­ while we are still babysitting them



Now if this is true ­ SHAME ON YOU ­ but of course ­ you get excused by your standards - bet if there was a real search we can find much more about these firebreathing hypocrites...someone has already started - read below...

"It was clearly a violation of applicable international law," said former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt on a TV talk show recently. Is this the same Schmidt who gave the order to for the GSG 9 anti-terrorist force to shoot hijackers aboard a Lufthansa plane in Mogadishu before they had a chance to ask for a lawyer? "It doesn¦#39;t fit with my understanding of law and order that murderers are simply gunned down," said Schönenborn last week. But would he have said that on national television back in 1977? HYPOCRITE!

And the anti-American subtext of the unenthusiastic German response to the execution of bin Laden isn¦#39;t the most jarring aspect. Far more remarkable is the distance ­ as if Germany is no longer part of this war on terror. As if there were no German forces in Afghanistan. As if 9/11 mastermind Mohammed Atta never lived in Germany. As if the Germans who died in Djerba in 2002 suffered from food poisoning. As if three men weren't just arrested plotting bomb attacks in Düsseldorf. Could not have said it better myself....

Again not all Germans have tunnel vision and hats off those who can see the forest for the trees!
21:43 May 9, 2011 by supermc
The Osama Deception by James Corbett,on utube tells the true story.Lol
07:59 May 11, 2011 by MfromUSA

One in the head and one in the chest.

Hope he felt some anxiety while waiting for the bullet to hit!

To anyone having concerns about how he was executed I encourage you to look closely at all the pictures of his victims jumping to their death rather than waiting to burn to death.

He got much better than he deserved.

The world had better wake up and realize that OBL deserved NOTHING in the way of respect for his human rights. When you are responsible for the many deaths he caused, you give up the right to be treated as a human being.

He was a rabid dog and was shot just like a rabid dog would be shot.

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