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Bayern's Ribery breaks silence over sex scandal

DPA/The Local · 2 May 2010, 15:52

Published: 02 May 2010 15:52 GMT+02:00

"It hurt my family, above all those close to me. That's all I want to say," he told the French sports programme "Orange Sport" on Saturday night, after his club's 3-1 win over Bochum.

The soccer star, a married man with two children, has been at the centre of scandal ever since a human trafficking case broke last month in which Ribery and his teammate on the French national team, Sidney Govou, were called as witnesses.

Ribery admitted to having sex with the prostitute, Zahia Dehar, but said he did not know she was underage.

Now a judge will decide whether or not to bring charges against him. If charged and found guilty, Ribery could face three years in prison and a €45,000 fine.

He might also lose his place on the national team. France's junior sports minister, Rama Yade, said last week that if an official investigation into the matter was begun, he would no longer wear the national team jersey.

"The jersey of the French national team is sacred," she said.

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While Ribery's career could be in trouble, call girl Dehar's could be taking off. According to the Swiss tabloid Blick, a porn director is interested in making a film over the sexual lives of football players and he wants Dehar for the starring role.

DPA/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

Your comments about this article

18:11 May 2, 2010 by wmm208
Ladies and Gentleman, People of France, now hear me once, I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
19:53 May 2, 2010 by 1FCK_1FCK
"The jersey of the French national team is sacred."

Ha ha, yes. But they don't mind having Thierry "handball" Henry in the team!
20:03 May 2, 2010 by cocovelvet
Why does it usually take people on such high levels of their career lifes to suddenly destroy what they built up for years in just a matter of minutes or hours .... whatever time it took for that stupid sex act with that prostitute ??!!!

Amazing how people play around with fire when it comes to their lifes.......... anyway, MONEY IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF EVIL.....
21:48 May 2, 2010 by wmm208
Bad career move. However, his wife just upgraded with some very good divorce money. La Cougar
00:43 May 3, 2010 by LMB222
What amazes me is that anyone would pay any money for that "Zahia Dehar".

Go google, and tell me if I'm gay.
02:12 May 3, 2010 by wmm208
She has everything a hooker needs. Your not going to take her home to mama but she looks like she has the tools and the skills.
03:06 May 3, 2010 by Eagle1
"00:43 May 3, 2010 by LMB222

What amazes me is that anyone would pay any money for that 'Zahia Dehar'.

Go google, and tell me if I'm gay."

You're gay. Very, very, very gay.

Enough about the sex scandal. This guy's teeth should be the focus of the media.
03:19 May 3, 2010 by Bushdiver
She looks good to me. I wouldn't pay €2000 though even if she spent the night.
05:28 May 3, 2010 by Meringer
Maybe Heidi Fleiss can hire her and then gather up Tiger Wood's and Jessie Jame's "girlfriends", and start up a new stable.
08:54 May 3, 2010 by proclusian
This is karma for the cheat to win against Ireland. And a whole host of other things, probably.

I suppose it would be too much to hope that FIFA will kick the entire French team out of the World Cup and invite Ireland to take their place this summer? Sadly, yes.
10:55 May 3, 2010 by Portnoy
I'd pay her 2k NOT to spend the night.
13:24 May 3, 2010 by ridac
real idiot, not only he might destroy his carrier life but what really he need to worry about is his marriage and what he need to tell his kids once they are old enough.....
14:51 May 3, 2010 by lordkorner
These guys before they cough up their 2000 euro should stop and think and then get together with Pa(l)m and her 5 friends,or if it was a bit of strange he wanted Thierry Henry has a hand that's sometimes available.
16:05 May 3, 2010 by scout1067
My question is why does an international Soccer star have to pay for it in the first place?
06:31 May 4, 2010 by wmm208
Because he can and doesnt have to waste time chatting up. Strickly buz.
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