Netanyahu cancels talks with Germany over minister's meeting with rights groups

Update: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled talks with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel over the visiting diplomat's plan to also meet rights groups critical of Israel's government.


How to get the dream tech job you always wanted

Europe's tech industry is booming, giving rise to a range of programming ‘bootcamps' that offer tech literacy more quickly and affordably than traditional degree programs. The Local finds out more.


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These are the German states with the best school marks

On Tuesday high school students in Germany start writing their final exams. A new graphic from Statista shows which states are likely to have the best results.


Why Lucerne is a summer paradise for career discovery

You may think Switzerland is all about winter holidays. But it's also a summer paradise with the power to transform your career thanks to outstanding programmes from Swiss Education Group.



Why German is dominating the European job market

British expat Matt Mills in Spain tells The Local how the job board he works for is desperate to find candidates with good German skills.


'I didn't consider anywhere else': studying at top culinary school Ferrandi Paris

A career in the culinary world is a pipe dream for many. But for those with the passion and determination to make it a reality, Ferrandi Paris is a clear choice.


More rain, snow and sleet predicted for the week ahead

It's not all bad news in Germany, as the bank holiday weekend should include at least one rain-free day.


How to survive information overload and create positive change

Want to make an impact? Find out how with Raleigh International...


Chancellery investigated in hunt for WikiLeaks sources: reports

German media reported on Thursday that Angela Merkel's Chancellery has been included in an ongoing investigation into a recent WikiLeaks release of confidential documents.

The expat's healthcare guide to Germany

Of all the things to worry about when moving abroad, healthcare should not be one of them. Know before you go – so you can spend your time sampling bratwurst instead of fearing for the worst.


London vs Berlin: which is the better capital city?

They might be the capitals of two European powerhouses, but London and Berlin couldn't be more different in style and attitude. The Local journalists Julius Haswell and Jörg Luyken squabble over which is better.


Nine in ten single parents can't survive on German minimum wage alone

Nine in ten single parent households with one child cannot afford to make ends meet in Germany with minimum wage jobs alone, according to newly released figures.

Berlin's six coolest attractions you've never heard of

Sick of feeling like a tourist? These off-the-radar spots will take you away from the cameras and cheesy selfies.


Moving to Germany - 10 reasons to think twice

Germany's booming economy, ripe job and property markets and stunning holiday spots might make it seem an expat paradise. But moving to Germany isn't right for everyone.

UK ambassador: we want to guarantee rights of Brits in Germany ASAP

On Friday The Local exchanged emails with British Ambassador to Germany Sir Sebastian Wood about future ties between the UK and Germany, and concerns of Brits in the Bundesrepublik over Brexit.

Learning German - 10 grammar mistakes even Germans keep making

Take revenge for all the times they laughed at your “der, die, das”.

These are Germany's top ten universities

These are the best universities in all of Germany - at least according to one ranking.

Why Germans need far less supervision at work than Americans

A new study has revealed that US engineering firms have one supervisor for every seven employees. In Germany the ratio is one boss for every 26 workers. What explains the difference?


Sweden releases second man held over Stockholm attack: no longer a suspect

Sweden on Tuesday released a second suspect held in connection with the deadly Stockholm truck attack earlier this month, prosecutors said.




These German CEOs earn the biggest salaries compared to their workers

The CEO of HeidelbergCement earns 190 times the salary of his average employee - and he's not even the highest earning boss in Germany.