How Saarland could show that the far-right AfD are finished

On Sunday the Alternative for Germany (AfD) barely scraped into the state parliament in Saarland. One expert told The Local that this could mark the beginning of the end for the upstart party.

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Are there holes in the official Germanwings crash story?

The father of the Germanwings co-pilot, who prosecutors concluded crashed a plane in the French Alps in 2015, claims his son is innocent. Does he have a case?


How a unique International MBA helps women shatter the glass ceiling

Increasingly, the leaders of the international business world are female. And as more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs, one unique MBA programme is helping to give them the tools to succeed.


Germany to see record 'job boom' in 2017: report

A new report predicts that this year Germany will see a record high in its working population to reach nearly 45 million people in a "job boom", as German media call it.


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Thousands of Berliners, Brits march in anti-Brexit protest

On the 60th anniversary of the start of the European Union, at least 3,500 demonstrators in Berlin joined an international protest to show their opposition to the UK leaving its member states behind.


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Weird things German parents do while raising their kids

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Merkel's party wins German state vote by large margin

Chancellor Angela Merkel's party easily won a regional election on Sunday, dealing an early blow to centre-left hopes of ending her more than decade-long reign.

Stuck in the 80s: 70 percent of German firms still use fax machines

A new survey of how German businesses communicate shows that a large majority still admit to using the Cold War-era technology - and quite frequently, too.

Six boats go up in flames on inlet off Berlin's Spree River

Six boats went up in flames in the early hours of Thursday morning. Police now suspect arson, local media report.

Man sues Bayern Munich for €120,000 after English fan runs over him

An Austrian man is suing Germany's biggest football club after the actions of a reckless English fan left him walking with a stick.

WATCH: English fans turn downtown Dortmund into huge football pitch

English fans played an impromptu football game in the Old Market Square in Dortmund on Tuesday - and they went ballistic when one of them scored a goal.

Body of missing Hamburg football boss 'probably' found in river

On Thursday police recovered a corpse from the river Elbe in Hamburg, saying that it is probably that of Timo Kraus, Hamburg SV's marketing boss.

Turkey fumes over Kurdish rally in Frankfurt

Some 30,000 pro-Kurdish demonstrators rallied in the German city of Frankfurt on Saturday calling for "democracy in Turkey" and urging a "no" vote in an upcoming referendum on expanding Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's powers.

German wages rise strongly for third year in row

German workers enjoyed a strong increase in wages for the third year in a row in 2016, official data showed Thursday, in news likely to be welcomed by the European Central Bank.


Norwegian student fears being expelled for topless photos

A Norwegian student who earns money by selling revealing photos of herself could be asked to leave her school after a file was opened to assess her behaviour.



How The Local helped this business school reach smart young global citizens

When a leading European business school wanted to raise awareness of its new pan-European course, The Local delivered.

Germany is 'best country for international students', above UK

A ranking of European countries based on their attractiveness for foreign students released on Wednesday handed Germany the top spot.

Bochum hopes to be Germany's 'fastest city' for internet

The western city of Bochum is aiming to become a pioneer for Germany in high-speed internet, promising nearly all residents lightning speed rates by the end of 2018.


Patients take flight as medical tourism booms

"You have a lot of Germans going to Poland or Croatia doing dental care because it is cheaper."