Germany ‘only country left' which holds to free higher education

A report on higher education in 13 countries published on Thursday found that Germany was the only one which still offers higher education without tuition fees to almost all students.

How US expats can avoid tax trouble in 2017

Don't let inaction or ignorance about your US tax obligations ruin the New Year.


Feb 22nd - the day the White Rose were killed for resisting Hitler

Wednesday marks 74 years since three members of the White Rose resistance group were executed by the Nazis. The young students showed bravery few others in Germany were capable of.


‘Become who you want to be': one degree, three countries

Paris, Madrid, Berlin... For internationally-minded students, it can be tough to choose where to attend university. But at ESCP Europe – one of the top business schools in the world – you don't have to.



Here's why Germany is so 'tough' on Greece over its debts

The Greek debt crisis is back on the agenda again. With Athens needing yet more money to pay off its huge loans, Germany is once again being accused of prolonging the Hellenic tragedy.


How to make expat money transfers cheaper and more efficient

There are many ways to transfer money between countries – how do you choose? For Alicia, after trying several services, the answer was clear.


Desperately need a face lift? These German cities offer the best value

If, like the staff of The Local, you are constantly on the lookout for the best place to get a bit of nip and tuck, then luck no further than this list.


11 unique lamps that will light up your day

There's nothing like a little interior design to brighten up a brisk winter day! Here are 11 beautiful - yet affordable - European light fixtures bound to leave you in awe.


Stolen 'Work will set you free' gate returned to Dachau

An iron gate with the infamous slogan "Arbeit macht frei" ("Work will set you free"), stolen from the former Nazi concentration camp of Dachau in Germany two years ago, was returned to the site Wednesday.


Speak German? Want to work from home? Here's a job for you

Looking for work in Germany? Here's an opportunity that just might suit you.



Norway hosts international donor meet for Nigeria famine

UN aid agencies and donor countries gathered in Oslo on Thursday to raise emergency aid for the millions threatened by famine in northeastern Nigeria.



The best ways to send money abroad: a quick guide

Need to send money to family or friends overseas? Have funds in foreign accounts you need to access in your new home? Sending money abroad may be cheaper and faster than you might think.


Berlin braces for more airport strikes and flight cancellations

Passengers should expect flight delays and cancellations at Berlin's two airports on Thursday due to a ground crew strike strike over pay, union officials announced.

Becoming an expat: where to start

Making the decision to move abroad isn't something to be taken lightly. There's plenty of boxes to be ticked, forms to be filled out, and general planning to be done. But where do you actually start?


Tesla driver ‘saves lives' with amazing Autobahn rescue maneuver

The driver of a luxury Tesla car showed incredible speed of thought to perform a controlled crash when a nearby car starting swerving across the road.

The calls you'll hear at Carnival - and what they mean

Wherever people celebrate Carnival, you'll hear different shouts like "Helau!", "Alaaf!" or "Narri-Narro!" But where do they come from, and what do they mean?

Woman given 6-year's jail for killing cousin in Frankfurt exorcism trial

A German court on Monday sentenced a South Korean woman to six years in jail for the death of her cousin who was beaten and suffocated during an attempted exorcism in a Frankfurt hotel room.

How German arms sales are shrinking, despite global weapons race

Berlin's arms sales compared to the rest of the world have fallen off sharply over the last five years, despite the global arms trade reaching a quarter-century high.

Lufthansa agrees on pay hike to settle years-long pilot dispute

German airline Lufthansa said Wednesday it had agreed to boost pilots' salaries by 8.7 percent over four years, hoping to end years of disputes and costly walkouts by air crew.

This map shows where in Germany professionals earn the most

If you are a professional worker or business leader in Germany, you're on an average salary of €52,000 before tax. But in which state would you earn the most in?

Dortmund to shut stand following hooligan attacks on families

Borussia Dortmund will close their iconic south stand for this weekend's home Bundesliga match, having on Monday accepted the German FA's sanctions after hooligans attacked visiting fans a week ago.

Why thousands of German teachers are striking this week

Public sector strikes began on Wednesday and were called for again Thursday, affecting numerous schools and classes. Here's what you need to know.

This is where the flu has been hitting Germany hardest

In the first week of February alone, 14,000 new cases of influenza were confirmed in Germany, bringing the total since October up to 43,000, while there have been more than 100 deaths.


Trump's free trade hostility is good news for EU, says commissioner

The United States' new hostility to free trade deals under President Donald Trump is benefiting the European Union, the bloc's top trade official told German media on Tuesday.