Germany's anti-immigration AfD to pick election team at fractious congress

Germany's anti-immigration AfD will wrap up a testy party congress Sunday by choosing the team to lead it into a September general election, after it dramatically sidelined its most prominent personality.


'I didn't consider anywhere else': studying at top culinary school Ferrandi Paris

A career in the culinary world is a pipe dream for many. But for those with the passion and determination to make it a reality, Ferrandi Paris is a clear choice.


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AfD leader says she will not run in September election

The AfD's Frauke Petry announced via Facebook video on Wednesday that she will not be running as the party's lead candidate in September's national election.

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They might be the capitals of two European powerhouses, but London and Berlin couldn't be more different in style and attitude. The Local journalists Julius Haswell and Jörg Luyken squabble over which is better.


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A new study shows that one in 11 workers in Germany fall within the country's top tax bracket - and it's not just very high earners who face big burdens.



German unemployment hits record low despite Brexit gloom

Unemployment in Germany hit a new record low in March, official data showed Friday, as Europe's largest economy continues to defy economic uncertainty with a strong performance.