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2019 Short Film Series - Berlin

Ad type: Announcement
Location: Berlin
Date added: 11 May 2019

For Immediate Release:
Subject: 2019 SHORT FILM SERIES - Berlin
Contact: Valter Foschini (

We at the Radical Frame Film Festival are proud to announce the seventh edition of SHORT FILM
SERIES – Berlin, Germany. We are happy to present original and exciting short films movies from
different countries.
Some of these films have received awards in prestigious international festivals and most of them have
not been shown in Germany before.
The 2019 SHORT FILM SERIES - Berlin dates are 21 and 22 of May, 2019 with screenings at the
Lichtblick Kino.(Kastanienallee 77, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg 10435, Berlin, Germany +49 030 44 05 81

All films are in original version with English subtitles.

Film Schedule and Dates:
May 21, 2019:
18:30 hr

Uruguay 2017
6 min
Directors: German Tejeira and Alejo Schettini
In a city besieged by the wind and the cold, Irma, an old dressmaker living in a building where the
heating has been broken, will take the initiative to do something for all her neighbors.

One Day at the Sea
France 2018
17 min
Director: Jonathan Borgel
Agatha returns to Trouville, the seaside town where she was born, with her six-year-old son Honoré.

Switzerland 2015
20 min
Director: Julia Furer
Julian has been living in an old warehouse for twelve years, building harpsichords. When he faces
eviction from his live-in workshop, he is confronted with the fact that he has neglected himself as a
human being; he is suddenly aware of his lifestyle, and of the ever more pressing questions about his
future and his purpose in life.

The Sunshine Egg
Germany 2014
6 min
Director: Michael Haas
Among all the battery hens, one hen has major problems dealing with her daily duty - laying her egg.

Someone (Irgendwer)
Germany 2017
14 min
Director: Marco Gadge
Greta's story shows that a beginning is still possible, always and everywhere. The film is based on a
true story.

Germany 2018
10 min
Director: Felix Karolus
For Charlotte (Senta Berger) it is like any other Sunday, until the doorbell rings and a stranger (Thomas
Thieme) surprises her with an exceptional demand.

Second Class
Sweden 2018
14 min
Director: Jimmy Olsson
Charlotte has got a new job as a second grade teacher. One night she is attacked by a nazi and is
severely injured. When she comes back to her students she discovers that one of her students is the son
of that nazi.

Artem Silendi
France 2018
8 min
Director: Frank Ychou
Sisters are sinners like others.

May 22, 2019:
18:30 hr

Germany 2018
11 min
Director: Gerrit Magnus Beduhn
During a train ride, Theo remembers how he and his dad played chess for the first time and went on a
sailing trip. Happy memories, until they speak about Theo's dead mom. Theo feels responsible for her
death. Then destiny strikes again.

Gelato - Seven Summers of Ice Cream Love
Germany 2017
13 min
Director: Daniela Opp
Almost 80 years separate Rosa and Molly, however their love of ice-cream connects the two magically.

Operation Jane Walk
Austria 2018
16 min
Directors: Leonhard Muellner and Robin Klengel
A city tour through the architecture of an Online-Shooter
Operation Jane Walk is based on the dystopian multiplayer shooter Tom Clancy's: The Division.

Morale (Mit im Bund)
Germany 2017
13 min
Director: Lukas Nathrath
Mara takes part in a highly demanding training course of the German armed forces. When her fellow
soldier Weber humiliates her in front of her troop, Mara understands that she has to defend herself –
even if she puts her integrity to the test.

Germany 2016
7 min
Director: David M. Lorenz
A couple on holiday in Berlin. Everything is perfect, but then he wants to take a selfie... The ending of
a relationship as seen through a mobile phone.

Morgen Kommt Kein Weihnachtsmann
Germany 2018
15 min
Director: Anna Ludwig
A single mum is very sad as she isn't able to afford to hire a Father Christmas on Christmas Eve for her
children this year – a typical tradition in this family and parts of Germany.

No Problem (Kein Problem)
19 min
Director: Magnus Millang
Copenhagen, late 1990s. When the lead singer of Denmark's second-best cover band calls in sick, the
band's two insecure backup singers start backstabbing each other over the role as lead singer for the
night. Who knew that jambands could be the scene of a life-or-death drama? May the best man in
denim shorts and denim vest win.