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Nine jobs you can only do in Germany
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Nine jobs you can only do in Germany

Published on: 17 Mar 2014 12:53 CET

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It's well known that Germany's economy is flourishing and there are a million job openings. While many will be standard work in factories, service industries and engineering firms, there are also a bunch of interesting opportunities that are found nowhere else.

From telling people to remove their pants, to checking the purity of beer, there are jobs here that simply do not exist in other countries.

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Strong wrists and sturdy shoes? Oktoberfest beer server might be up your alley. Polyglot? Maybe you could watch over a Holocaust Memorial, making sure people behave - in an array of different languages.

Either way, some of these jobs are serious, others are a little tongue-in-cheek – have a look and feel inspired to search outside the box.

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