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Most Germans 'have had an office romance'
Photo: DPA

Most Germans 'have had an office romance'

Published on: 24 Jul 2012 10:39 CET

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A full 60 percent said they had had a clinch with a colleague, while half of those who had not, said they would not rule it out. Nine out ten said they reckoned it was okay to sleep with colleagues, Bild newspaper said on Monday.

In fact, 25 percent of the 1,110 people asked by job portal kalaydo.de said they had their eye on a colleague with hopes to spark up an office romance.

Chances were that they would not be making a move at an office party though, as just 15 percent of workplace romances began at a work do.

Remaining true to their reputation for practicality, 20 percent of Germans who have had, or were currently in the throes of an office romance said it was with the person sitting next to them.

Most of those who were dating a colleague said seeing a couple kissing at work was absolutely unacceptable.

Just 12 percent said that holding hands was okay in front of colleagues and less than a quarter said they could stomach tender gazes across the water cooler.

But a fifth of employees also said that when other colleagues couple up, it ruined the atmosphere in the office. Among managers, a third said that they would tolerate workplace relationships, but would rather they didn't happen.

A separate survey reported in Bild said that 34 percent of men said their favourite place to have sex was in a chair, and that desks were a firm favourite for adult fun, suggesting that many offices romances might not even make it out of the workplace.

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