Germany braces for first heatwave of year with temperatures up to 36C forecast

Germany braces for first heatwave of year with temperatures up to 36C forecast
The sun rose on Monday morning over Hildesheim, Lower Saxony. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Moritz Frankenberg
Germany is bracing itself for the first heatwave this year, with temperatures expected to spike in many parts of the country to 36C by Friday.

On Monday the weather is set to stay sunny and dry, with the mercury in the mid to high 20Cs around Germany.

In the west, along the Rhine, Moselle and Saar, temperatures will exceed the 30C mark in the late afternoon.

“The first heatwave of the year is upon us,” wrote the German Weather Service (DWD) in their daily report.

On Tuesday, a few clouds and somewhat cooler air are to be expected in the wake of low pressure air front dubbed “Robert”, according to the German Weather Service (DWD).

Yet the mercury will vary widely around the country, ranging from 17C along the North Sea to 32C on the Upper Rhine. Most of the rest of the Bundesrepublik will hover around a comfortable 25C, before temperatures spike everywhere mid-week.

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Up to 36C possible

From Wednesday, the strong weather fronts “Yona” and “Zoe” will bring in warm air masses.

Temperatures are expected to rise to about 30C in central and southern Germany, and “along the rivers in southern and western Germany, people will really break a sweat at 32 to 34C,” wrote DWD.

This tweet from DWD shows where in the country temperatures will be the highest from Tuesday through Friday.

Also at night, temperatures of 20C are expected as Germany experiences its first humid “tropical nights.”

From Thursday, temperatures will drop again from the west, while it will remain hot in the east of the country until Friday. In Berlin and neighbouring Brandenburg, the mercury could reach up to 36C.

Partly heavy thunderstorms are to be expected

Due to a low-pressure air front, stretching from the Netherlands to southern France, partly heavy thunderstorms and very humid air are to be expected from Thursday.

In the early hours of Friday, muggy air could bring heavy thunderstorms including heavy rain, hail and squalls. These thunderstorms will bring a small “cooling effect” to the west on Friday, and cause the heat to shift to the east of Germany, wrote DWD.

There, up to 36C is possible, but there will not be a “monster heat” with up to 40C, said DWD.

This will then help the temperatures settle back into a “normal range” around the country at the start of next week, meaning it will be comfortably in the mid-20s, said DWD.

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