IN PICTURES: Here's what happened at the anti-coronavirus measures protest in Berlin

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The Local - [email protected] • 18 Nov, 2020 Updated Wed 18 Nov 2020 18:32 CEST
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As the German government reformed coronavirus protection laws, anti-measures protesters demonstrated in the capital. Here are photos and videos from the scene.


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Police used water canons to disperse demonstrators on Wednesday after repeated warnings for them to stick to rules and wear face masks when protesting.

Here are some photos and tweets from the day, showing the stand-offs between protesters and police.


All photos below are by DPA unless otherwise stated.


Early in the day there was a singalong to John Lennon's Imagine with hand holding and no social distancing.

A policewoman is shown in this video trying to enforce the requirement to wear a mask. "Before that, she asked the man several times to put on a mask or to show her a valid medical certificate," said Felix Huesmann in this tweet. "He wasn't particularly cooperative."

This dramatic photo shows demonstrators beside Brandenburg Gate and police firing a water canon at them.

Two participants at the demo embrace each other.

It's "complete madness" says Bild reporter Axel Lier.

Demonstrators carried posters showing German political leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel in prison garb and emblazoned with the word "guilty".

There were clashes with police at the protests.

Police wrestle a man to the ground at the demo.


A protester wears a 'Corona' beer cooler hat.

Demonstrators gathered outside the Reichstag in Berlin.



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[email protected] 2020/11/19 10:20
This is actually heart-wrenching to see. Their total disregard for the well being and lives of others. So many people have suffered because of the virus and these idiots are just prolonging that pain.
[email protected] 2020/11/18 19:17
Wow! I thought we had all the idiots here in the US!<br /> <br />Wear a mask. <br />Wash your hands. <br />Keep your distance!<br /><br />These "risk-takers" don't consider that they can spread virus easily for nearly a week before symptoms. This is just so stupid! Agree that the German rules seem too detailed and too arbetrary. Keep is simple...See above.

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