German word of the day: Die Schokoladenseite

German word of the day: Die Schokoladenseite
German has an interesting term for your most photogenic side. Photo: DPA
Improve your German skills by taking a bite into today’s word of the day.

Very few people are lucky enough to look good in every photo. Most of us have learned (through trial and error) which angles are most flattering when it comes to group photos, selfies and everything in between.

Germans looking for the perfect Instagram shot have a special term to describe this very modern struggle.

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They would say that they are trying to capture their Schokoladenseite, which translates literally as ‘chocolate side’. 

Chocolate is known for being sweet and delicious the world over, and so it should come as little surprise that Schokoladenseite refers to a person’s ‘good’ side. 

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The term is not just used in the context of a person’s appearance, however: it can also refer to the better parts of their personality or their more endearing traits. 

Showing your Schokoladenseite is therefore not just important for Facebook profile pictures, but also for job interviews, or the first encounter with your future in-laws!

Example sentences:

Linda hat sich heute von ihrer Schokoladenseite gezeigt! 

Linda showed her good side today!

Warum hast du so viele Selfies gemacht? 

Ich versuche, meine Schokoladenseite zu finden. 

Why have you taken so many selfies?

I’m trying to find the most flattering angle. 


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