Cycling in Germany? These are the fines you should know about

Cyclists on a pop-up bicycle lane in Hamburg in June 2020. Photo: DPA
Many more people are taking up cycling due to the coronavirus pandemic. So it's a good time to get to know the rules of the road when you're on bike.

The number of people getting on their bike – or even buying a new one – has been increasing due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

As public transport was scaled back or people were encouraged not to take it, cycling became one of the best options for getting around – in Germany and beyond.

Before you get on a bike you should be familiar with the rules of the roads. However, sometimes it's hard to keep up with or know which fines you can be issued with for breaking the rules.

Here's a rundown of the fines that can be imposed to cyclists if they break rules. They are part of The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) which apply to all road users.

Cyclists can also be issued with points on their driving licence if the offence is serious, reports Germany's biggest motoring association, the ADAC. Note that fines can be increased if the offence causes danger to other road or pavement users.

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Here's a list of some infringements, fines and possible points that can be issued as of June 2020:

Running a red light – between €60-€180  (depending on severity) / plus points on licence.

Preventing pedestrians from using a zebra crossing – €80 / one point on licence.

Cycling on the pavement – €25 (can be increased).

Cycling side by side with another person and causing problems for other road users €20.

Use of a mobile phone without hands-free kit – €55.

Using the signposted cycle path in the wrong direction – €20 (can be increased if someone else is endangered).

Parking on the sidewalk and hindering someone: €70 / one point.

Hands-free cycling – €5.

Brakes or bell not present, or not working – €15.

Bike light not available or broken – €20.

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Lighting not used despite it being dark or poor visibility, or the light is covered/dirty – €20.

Carrying a child without a mandatory safety device €5.

Carrying one person (older than seven-years-old) on a bicycle that has only one seat, or in a trailer – €5.

Disregard of a police instruction – €25.  

Limited hearing through using headphones or similar – €15.

Marked cycle path not used – €20.

Some other common questions about cycling in Germany

Is there a legal helmet requirement for cyclists?

No. But a helmet is recommended for cyclists. If cycling is practiced as a sport, then the cyclist is jointly liable in the event of an accident if he or she is not wearing a helmet, even if he or she is not otherwise at fault.

Can I use headphones while riding?

Yes, as long as you don't listen to music too loudly so that you can't hear traffic.

What are the rules at a pedestrian crossing?

Priority applies exclusively to pedestrians and wheelchair users. Therefore, a cyclist must stop and allow people to cross or dismount and push the bike over the zebra crossing if using it.

Are cyclists allowed to ride in a one-way street against the direction of travel?

Cyclists are only allowed to cycle in the opposite direction in one-way streets as an exception if the prohibition of entry is supplemented by the additional sign that says “Radverkehr frei” (free movement of bicycles).

May I ride next to another cyclist?

Cyclists are allowed to ride next to each other if this does not interfere with traffic.

Can I take my dog with me on a lead while riding my bike?

Yes, as long as it is safe and the dog's well-being must always be taken into account. Well-trained dogs do not have to be kept on a leash as long as they respond to instructions.

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