Tell us: Has your trip to Germany been affected by the pandemic?

Tell us: Has your trip to Germany been affected by the pandemic?
Neuschwanstein Castle is a tourist attraction in Bavaria. Photo: DPA
The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically hit the travel and tourism industry in Germany. Were you planning to visit? Have you been forced to cancel? We want to hear your story.

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  1. (I didn’t worry about my daughters being alone but rather them feeling abandoned in a time of crisis)

  2. I flew into DE the beginning of March with the intention to stay 90 days — my initial strp towards starting a new life there. Within a week, it was obvious that Europe was going into lockdown. I had to make a choice of being stuck there “indefinitely” according the the US embassy and leaving my college daughters in the States home alone OR returning home and giving up on my dream for unknown months. Aer Lingus cancelled two of my flights home (no refunds, no vouchers) and I finally found a flight to NJ in early May.
    Now I wait. Will I get back to Germany this year? Should my Freund move on with his life? Are my chances of finding employment there now almost zero? Can I request asylum if Trump wins in November?
    The uncertainty is a stress that we all feel worldwide.

  3. We are hopefully that travel to the European Union will be permitted later this year and the Christmas markets will be open.

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