German word of the day: Der Augenstern

German word of the day: Der Augenstern
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As Valentine’s Day is approaching, this German word might come in handy.

When you are in a relationship with someone, there might be the moment where the person looks you in the eye and declares: “Du bist mein Augenstern.” And that is a huge compliment.

Der Augenstern translates to “eye-star” and is comparable with the English notion “the apple of my eye.”

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It is a stronger, and more poetic way of expressing other teams of endearment in German such as Liebling (darling) or Schatz (sweetheart or honey).

That notion refers to something someone cherishes over everything else. Augenstern in German has the same meaning.

When you call someone your Augenstern, you mean that this person is the most important part of your life. Your whole focus is on that person.

Historically, poets have used the word to describe the pupil of the eye. Where exactly the notion is coming from isn’t quite clear, but there are assumptions.

The human vision has always been something valuable for people. Hence, when something or someone is as important to you as your vision, it means you love them very much.

A quite literal depiction of the equivalent English expression: Apple of my Eye. Photo: depositphotos/mkoudis.


Schatz, du bist mein Augenstern.

Sweetie, you are the apple of my eye.


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