German Advent word of the day: Die Besinnlichkeit

German Advent word of the day: Die Besinnlichkeit
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When you start to feel the Christmas spirit, this is a good German word to know.

This German word describes the warm and lovely feeling you get at Christmas.

What does it mean?

“Besinnlichkeit” is a state of peaceful tranquility, serenity, and equilibrium, but also refers to contemplation and reflectiveness.

In Germany this word is usually associated with Christmas and defines the Christmas spirit. It describes the sensation of calmness and relaxation that is physically soothing.

Basically, “Besinnlichkeit” embodies the harmonic feeling you have on Christmas Day, when all the stress and hardships are forgotten and all that matters is enjoying yourself and being with your loved ones.

Photo: DPA

How does “Besinnlichkeit” characterize German Christmas?

It not only refers to the Christmas Day itself but also to everything leading up to it: the shimmer of candles from the advent wreath, the smell of cookies, mulled wine and roasted almonds, the wrapping of presents, the joyful anticipation, and the warm feeling you get when your family and friends.


“Die Weihnachtszeit ist eine besinnliche Zeit.”

“Christmas time is a peaceful tranquil time.”

“Das Wort ‘Besinnlichkeit’ verkörpert wirklich die wahrhafte Bedeutung von Weihnachten.”

“The word ‘Besinnlichkeit’ really embodies the true meaning of Christmas.”


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