German Advent word of the day: Der Lichterglanz

German Advent word of the day: Der Lichterglanz
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German has a handy word to describe the glow of lights, especially around Christmas.

What does it mean? 

Der Lichterglanz refers to “bright lights,” or a “blaze of lights.” This word is especially handy as a way to describe the beautiful illumination found during Advent–at Christmas markets, in churches, and decorated houses and apartment balconies. 

The glow of holiday lights in the streets of Erfurt. Photo: DPA. 

The word comes from Der Glanz, meaning “sparkle, radiance, brilliance,” and Das Licht, meaning “light, lamp, flame.” It is a lovely way to describe one of the most visually pleasing parts of Christmas in Germany. 

A house in Germany adorned for Christmas. Photo: DPA.

Another useful Christmas words related to this one is Die Lichterkette, or “string lights,” which are commonly used holiday decorations. Die Beleuchtung refers to “the lighting” and Die Außenbeleuchtung refers to “the outdoor lighting.” 

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Der Lichterglanz at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Photo: DPA.

According to a recent survey in Germany, nearly seven out of 10 people will decorate their homes with Christmas lights this year. Another 79 percent of people said that they appreciate having lights up during the Advent season. 

Example Sentences: 

Ich mag den Lichterglanz. Für mich bedeutet das Weihnachtszeit. 

I like the glow of the lights. For me, that means Christmastime. 

Für mich ist der Lichterglanz die schönste Teil des Weihnachtsmarktes. 

For me, the glow of the lights is the best part of the Christmas markets. 

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