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German word of the day: Das Komaglotzen

German word of the day: Das Komaglotzen
Addicted to Netflix? This word might apply to you. Photo: DPA
We’ve all been there: when one episode turns into one season, which turns into two seasons, and so on, until we look at the clock and realize that we’ve fallen into yet another binge-watching session on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Though the phrase “binge-watching” has certainly made its way into German conversations, das Komaglotzen can also be used to describe the act of watching a lot of television at once. 

Glotzen by itself is a verb often used colloquially to describe the act of staring at something with eyes wide open and a “stupid” expression on the face. Koma refers simply to a coma.

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Komaglotzen describes the experience of watching television (or shows on a laptop) for many hours at a time, letting episode after episode auto-play until the entire afternoon or evening seems to disappear. 

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Binge-watching too much? Watch out, you might even get labelled with the new German word Komaglotzer, one who binge-watches. 

Various studies have been done in the US and around the world since the rise of Netflix and other streaming services about the effects of binge-watching on attention spans, mental health, and social connections. The results are mixed, but who doesn’t give in to the occasional television binge? 

Netflix’s Dark, its first original German-language series, is Germany’s most commonly streamed show at the moment. 

Looking for your next binge-worthy show? Channel your inner Komaglotzer with our recommendations.


Ich habe die ganze Serie per Komaglotzen gesehen. 

I have binge-watched the whole series.

Komaglotzen macht Spaß, besonders wenn man müde ist. 

Binge-watching is fun, especially when one is sleepy.

Ein Komaglotzer ist nicht immer faul! 

A binge-watcher is not always lazy!

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