Word of the day: Der Schnarchhahn

Word of the day: Der Schnarchhahn
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You might hear our word of the day if you've had a particularly rough or long night and can't concentrate very well.

Schnarchhahn consists of the words schnarchen, which means to snore and Hahn, which
means rooster.

Hence, if you call someone a Schnarchhahn, you are basically calling them a snoring rooster. A more figurative translation would probably be “sleepyhead.”

Schnarchhahn is quite a colloquial word that you'd usually use as a soft insult to describe someone who is tired or lacking in concentration. The word isn't too harsh but be careful if you're saying it in the office — it's probably best not to describe a boss in this way.

So for example, if you're at work and you see a colleague falling asleep while trying to organize their files or spilling coffee over important documents, you might call them a Schnarchhahn. Word of warning though: it's probably best to use it on someone you're close to and who has a sense of humour, as you don't want to offend anyone.

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Dieser Schnarchhahn hat mir heute Morgen Kaffee über meine Bluse gekippt.

That sleepyhead spilled coffee all over my blouse this morning.

Guck mal, Klaus ist schon wieder bei der Arbeit eingeschlafen. Was für ein Schnarchhahn.

Look, Klaus fell asleep on the job again. What a sleepyhead.

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