German Word of the Day: Die Schnapsidee

German Word of the Day: Die Schnapsidee
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We’ve all had a Schnapsidee. After one too many glasses of wine, or beers, many ideas, which you would normally consider silly or impractical, suddenly become fantastic.

Literally a ‘schnaps idea’, a Schnapsidee is a usually ridiculous idea which seem like brilliant thoughts when you’re drunk.

Schnapsideen we've had include texting our phone company for a 4G top-up, adding sugar to scrambled eggs, sleeping on a treadmill and (of course) messaging that those people we should really keep away from.

Despite the name, Schnapsideen don’t need to be conceived when you’re drunk. The term can also refer to crazy, or spur-of-the-moment decisions. But the excuse of alcohol perhaps makes Schnapsideen a little more justifiable.

Bieridee is also used, although it is less common.

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Ich hatte vier Gläser Wein getrunken, als ich auf diese Schnapsidee gekommen war.

I had drunk four glasses of wine, when I had that crazy idea

Was für eine Schapsidee hatte Laura!

What a crazy idea Laura had!


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