German Word of the Day: Bummeln

German Word of the Day: Bummeln
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Bummeln is a particularly 'gemütlich' sounding word, as it evokes a sense of coziness and satisfaction (as well as being very satisfying to say).

It is similar to the English terms ‘dawdle’ or ‘amble’, and refers to the idea of sauntering slowly, and often aimlessly. It’s often nice to bummeln through picturesque countrysides or dainty villages until you reach the first cafe or pub you find.

It can also suggest the idea of doing nothing, or slacking. When you spend your day doing nothing, you’ve gebummelt. At the weekends, many of us bummeln when we don’t get out of bed until 2pm. Bummeling, I find, is a very good hangover cure.


Ihr habt diese Woche kaum gearbeitet. Ihr habt total gebummelt.

You lot have hardly worked this week. You’ve totally slacked.

Heute bummeln wir in die Stadt, weil wir Brunch da essen wollen.

Today we’re going to amble into town because we want to get brunch there.

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