German Word of the Day: Die Zweisamkeit

German Word of the Day: Die Zweisamkeit
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Zweisamkeit is a special sensation. But there's no English translation which adequately conveys the intimacy and fondness of this German concept.

Zweisamkeit denotes the intimacy shared between two people, and usually has romantic intimations. It indicates a kind of loneliness around a pair who share a special bond. It can be conveyed by the idea of ‘twoness’ or ‘togetherness’.

Zweisamkeit is when you’re in a room full of people, but you two hide away in the corner because you only want to talk to each other. Or when the pair of you go for an intimate wander in the woods. Or you offer your last slice of your pizza to your soul mate, because they’re the only person you’d give it up for.

Often, though, it can lead to third parties suffering from Einsamkeit. The notion of Zweisamkeit is drawn from the notion of Einsamkeit, although the former suggests a warmer, less lonely feeling than the latter.


Sie sind wegen ihrer Zweisamkeit allein in den Wald gegangen.

They went to the wood by themselves because they like to be alone together.

Ich möchte eines Tages Zweisamkeit mit jemandem erleben.

One day I’d like to experience intimacy with someone.

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