German supermarket chain Rewe agrees to buy produce with ‘beauty errors’

German supermarket chain Rewe agrees to buy produce with 'beauty errors'
Apples are among the produce with 'beauty errors' Rewe will buy. Photo: DPA
With draught and intense heat plaguing parts of Germany over the summer, many farmers were left with produce looking less savoury than usual.

To come to the aid of ailing agriculture, German supermarket giant Rewe and its sister discount chain PENNY have agreed to buy produce with “colour and shape errors” until the beginning of 2019, reported the company on Thursday.

In doing so, they will be helping both farmers who would usually lose profits and minimizing food waste.

Rewe has guaranteed that the fruits and vegetables it buys, however, will remain unchanged in quality and taste. 

“The visual blemish caused by nature is a purely external one,” said Eugenio Guidoccio, manager of the Rewe Group. 
Due to draught, the roots of fruits and vegetables have difficulties absorbing water, leaving visible traces on the produce.
Apples are paler, carrots are more elongated and crooked, onions form less peel and potatoes are smaller and can scab more, reports the company.

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