German Word of the Day: Der Anschlusstreffer

German Word of the Day: Der Anschlusstreffer
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A staple for any sports fan in Germany. Today’s Word of the Day is one to learn before the next time you head to watch your local football team.

Anschlusstreffer translates literally as ‘connection-goal’. It is a compound noun combining ‘Anschluss’ (connection) and ‘Treffer’ (goal), which describes when a team scores a goal which puts them only one goal behind their opponent.

Anschlusstreffer is sometimes used to describe any goal scored from behind, for example Croatia’s goal to decrease the French lead from 3 goals down to 2 in the World Cup Final this year. This however is actually an incorrect use of the word.

As is implied by ‘Treffer’ (connection), an Anschlusstreffer must bring a team into contact with the score of their opponent. An example of this was West Germany’s goal at 2-0 down against England in the 1970 World Cup Quarter Final. They went on to win the game 3-2.


Sie hatten die Chance zum Anschlusstreffer.

They had the opportunity to score a come-back goal.

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